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by Jan 11, 2023

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The capital of Belgium is a bustling cluster of renowned museums and historic sites. You’ll adore Brussels if you enjoy mediaeval buildings. Brussels is renowned for its delectable and rich culinary specialities, landmarks that span several architectural styles, and diverse culture. It is also noted for being both fancy, down to earth and relaxed.

Peeling back the City’s numerous layers is all a part of the trip. Politics and culture coexist here, giving the impression that you are in the centre of Europe.

Many well-known and lesser-known artists of many countries and mother tongues have found inspiration in Brussels or have travelled, lived, hidden, or all of the above. The city inspired poets to imaginatively express their feelings, whether through historical events or modern walks. Impressive, right?

Why not begin the adventure in the Grand Palace?

An enjoyable starting point for the excursion is Brussels’ Grand Palace

Grand Palace in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The best architecture in the city may be seen at this UNESCO World Heritage site in the heart of Brussels, which is surrounded by spectacular guild buildings.

The Town Hall is a significant attraction and acts as a signpost in case somebody gets lost, thanks to its magnificent tower. Behind the impressive Brussels City Museum’s doors, visitors can discover works of art and artefacts showcasing local history.

Awaken your inner child in Bobbejaanland.

The theme park ensures that everyone has a wonderful time, regardless of who owns it. There are about 50 attractions here that are fun for both kids and adults! Almost every age group and taste may find something to enjoy in this park. For adrenaline lovers, there are exhilarating rides like Speedy Bob and Air Race. These thrills will overwhelm even the hardest daredevil! However, you should restrict your food before participating in these rides. Visitors may refuel by stopping by one of the many restaurants across the park.

Participating in the political process at Parlamentarium

Parlamentarium in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

At the world’s largest parliamentary visitor’s centre in Brussels, visitors can dig deeper into the mysterious realm of politics. On a self-guided tour, visitors will discover everything there is to know about how the European Parliament operates. Visitors can go on an educational journey through centuries of European history at the Parliamentarium, which is open to everyone. An interactive floor map provides a virtual tour of the member nations, and a theatre presents 360-degree views of the continent.

Admire the view from the Atomium

Atomium, top tourist attractions in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

One of the most memorable experiences in Brussels will be climbing inside a considerable atom, even though it’s not something we typically do. The spheres can be explored, and the upper levels include restaurants and exhibitions. Compared to fascinating science, the 360-degree views are even more spectacular. The Atomium is an iron crystal that has been 165 billion times magnified. It was constructed in 1958 for the World’s Fair and soon became a city landmark.

Elude the bustle of Brussels

Bruges in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Visit the charming cities of Bruges and Ghent for the day to get away from the bustle of Brussels. While some of Bruges’ most well-known products include chocolate, exploring the cobblestone alleys and paddling through the canals will show you another side of the city.

At the Lake of Love, take a break.

There is enough mediaeval architecture in Ghent to set anybody’s heart gushy, with churches and castles taking centre stage.

The finest chocolate you’ve ever tasted

Best chocolate shops in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Brussels has an absurdly large number of chocolate stores. Most people choose to go to the most well-known Belgian chocolate shops in Brussels, such as Leonidas, Mary’s, Godiva, and Planete, to choose the most incredible chocolate tastes. The most historic chocolate shop may only sometimes be the greatest, so check out other ones in the city.

Melt in the Botanic Garden’s beautiful nature

Botanic Garden in Brussels - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The 92-hectare historic park, Belgium’s largest greenhouse, and a Plant Palace filled with a wide range of tropical plants are all featured at the renowned botanic garden just north of Brussels. It is a centre for studying tropical and European botany and has one of the most extensive collections in the world. The garden collaborates with other national and international botanic gardens and conservation organisations to maintain as many species as possible in their natural habitats. This furthers its commitment to plant conservation. With more than 18,000 plant species, this is among the most significant plant collections ever assembled.

Walibi offers a whole day of amusement park fun

Walibi in Belgium - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Scream with joy as you ride some of the nation’s most terrifying roller coasters. Walibi Belgium offers attractions for families and thrill-seekers.

Many family-friendly activities include the renowned Radja River, the bizarre Calamity Mine, and more. Many attractions in Walibi, Belgium, were made specifically for kids, and children may have a blast in total safety in two different zones.

The diversity in Brussels is fantastic. Of course, a significant factor is that city serves as the capital of the European Union. You can see Europe in action here, which is far more exciting than you might think! You may explore the entire area daily by moving from one neighbourhood to another while you’re out and about. Remember to indulge all of your senses, but particularly your eyes.

There is little doubt that this place will appeal to history and architecture buffs.

Can you now see why I mentioned Brussels’ buzz boastfully?

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