Enjoy everything from ice to spice in the kingdom of cold and fire

by Jun 13, 2022

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Iceland is one of the happiest countries globally; cultural acceptance, low level of crime, and good health status contribute to a significant level of happiness. The number of young people getting drunk or smoking has plunged, making them happier and healthier. Iceland is one of the safest countries because of its low crime rate.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland which is also called the “crown jewel of nightlife”. They love live music, and therefore they host the best music festival and have a nailing nightlife. They also have significant cultural hubs, and Reykjavik is one of the best places to feast one’s eyes on brilliant northern lights; thus, it can be a graceful moment to the thinker of nights and to others who dream.

Iceland is famous for its massive glaciers and some of the world’s most dynamic volcanoes; as a result, it got the moniker the “land of ice and fire“. Iceland has many tourist attractions that ordinary vehicles cannot reach, and you can use a jeep to explore those eye-catching spectacles. As Iceland is the land of super jeeps, you can certainly make your way through irregular and sharp landscapes, which are incredible when slippery.

Icelandic food is considered the healthiest globally; freely grazing cattle, organic plants, and more exceptional ingredients are embraced, giving out the best quality food.

Tourists are drawn to Iceland because of its natural wonders. Even the local people don’t fail to enjoy the incredible scenery. Therefore, Iceland is worth a visit. It is an excellent destination for families because the family value is significant in Iceland. It’s also perfect for solo travellers and honeymoons for adoring couples. Simply Iceland is a place where everyone must visit to feel amazed.

Things that you should not miss in Iceland;

Watch northern lights

Many travellers have added watching the northern lights to their bucket list. Visit Iceland during winter if you want to watch the northern lights as it will be dark during winter, and you can watch a perfect one than on other days. Iceland is one of the most beautiful destinations to watch the northern lights, and many of North Iceland’s stunning natural sites are popular places to see “Aurora Borealis” (Northern lights). Thingvellir National Park, Asbyrai Canyon, and Kirkjufell mountain are the most notable ones. Even if you are merely passing through the capital, you still have a chance to watch them. It will help if you find the darkest place possible. Seltjarnarnes Peninsula, Oskjuhlid Hill, and Parks in Reykjavik are some of the places to watch the northern lights.

Northern Lights

Explore an ice cave

Anaconda ice cave, located in Vatnajokull, is Europe’s largest glacier and is also known as a crystal ice cave as it is famous for its crystal blue ice. This sort of ice cave is formed by meltwater flowing over glaciers. Find out more about Glacier Ice Caves. Ice Caves are caves of built-in rock that contain ice all year long. These caves may have large ice formations on the cave’s floors, walls, and ceilings. It is a brilliant blue that surpasses the imagination. Thus, it is a must to visit.

Anaconda ice cave, Vatnajokull

Visit Dettifoss and Selfoss

Dettifoss is considered to be one of Europe’s most powerful waterfalls. The western side is the easiest to get, where you can see the beautiful flow of the waterfall and spectacular rocks. Selfoss, a lesser but equally enthralling waterfall, is only a few kilometres away from Dettifoss, and it is reachable on foot along a stony but manageable path.

Dettifoss Waterfall

Visit the diamond beach and glacier lagoon

Diamond Beach is one of the best sites in Iceland to watch Icelandic seals. It is clean with great sand, perfect for families, watching dolphins, horse-riding, and surfing. Diamond Beach is awe-inspiring. A black sand beach with clear, blue-tinted icebergs glistening in the light. You might notice that the stunning ice pieces dispersed throughout Diamond Beach are a little blue. Ice occurs in a wide range of shapes, textures, and sizes. Some will be dark or light blue, while others will be black. The occurrence is dramatic due to the bright tone of the ice and the dark sand on the beach. It’s worth seeing on its own, but its originator, the huge Glacier Lagoon – Jökulsárlón in Icelandic – is on the other side of the road. You can drive there on your own.

Glacier Lagoon

Visit Kirkjufell mountain

Don’t you want to discover why this mountain is so popular with photographers? Kirkjufell is distinguished by various features, including its shape, formation, and remote position.

Kirkjufell is made of volcanic rock; however, it is not a volcano. When you climb Kirkjufell mountain, it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the summit. The view from the summit is breathtaking. The walk to the peak is not recommended for individuals who suffer from vertigo because it is hazardous. But once you get there, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Kirkjufell Mountain

Dive in Silfra

Silfra is the only spot where you can dive or snorkel directly in a tectonic plate crack. Anyone can snorkel; even those with no prior snorkelling experience can snorkel Silfra because the trip through the crack is straightforward and uncomplicated. Because the drysuit will keep you floating, you must float along and take in the fascinating underwater realm below.

Silfra (Diving Spot)

Did you know that Iceland has pure water, and you don’t have to buy bottled water?

Bottled water is not just discouraged in Iceland due to its massive environmental impact; it is also completely useless. Iceland is essentially seeping freshwater through its pores. It has a fantastic natural infrastructure for pumping it up and distributing it around the country. What comes from the faucet here is nearly identical to what fills the Silfra ravine, a spring with some of the cleanest transparent water. It has no chemicals and is rich in natural minerals.

Iceland truly has something for everyone. You may have a fantastic experience whether you stay for a weekend or spend a whole month exploring this rough region.

While it is not inexpensive, there are numerous ways to save money in Iceland, making these itineraries affordable to even the most economical budget traveller. Isn’t it worth a visit?

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