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by Mar 14, 2023

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The gorgeous beaches on the south coast of Albania are the main draw for tourists. Albania boasts wonderful beaches suitable for everyone, just like its well-known neighbours Greece, Italy, and Montenegro. Whether you prefer sandy or pebble bays, Albania has both.

Albania is a friendly and outgoing nation with lovely mountain scenery, stunning beaches, and sophisticated cuisine still mostly unknown to tourists. Children can engage in various activities, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. The people are polite, considerate, and open by nature but are spiritually and religiously uneasy. The people of Albania are generous and compassionate, and the level of security supports this, as the tranquilly the country offers.


Tirana, the capital of Albania and a top tourist destination in Albania - low cost vibes blog

When you stroll through the town, you’ll notice painted facades, graffiti, and murals that bring colour to this already vibrant place. Walking through the Blloku neighbourhood to Pazari I Ri is one of the best ways to take in Tirana‘s vibrant hues. You can see some of Tirana’s finest sights, like the Et’hem Bey Mosque, the history museum, and the nation’s hero Skanderbeg statue. You can stroll through Blloku, the area that was formerly home to only communist party members.


Saranda, a top tourist destination in Albania - low cost vibes blog

Saranda, a city in the south of the nation, is the best home base for an ideal coastal holiday. It has pleasant weather, sandy beaches, an interesting history, is reasonably priced, and has many local attractions. A convenient starting point for exploring the Albanian Riviera is Saranda, only a 30-minute boat ride from the well-known Greek island of Corfu. Beautiful beaches, historic landmarks like the Butrint archaeological site recognised by UNESCO, castles, and attractive towns may be found within rugged terrain.


Berat, a top tourist destination in Albania - low cost vibes blog

Many tourists stop at Berat at some point during their trip to see the area’s magnificent natural attractions, which include deep canyons, as it is one of the main stops connecting the Albanian capital Tirana with the southern, sunny beaches of the Albanian Riviera. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To truly appreciate how stunning it is, you must visit. You can see the old town and several houses on the hills in the classic Ottoman style of white walls and grey roofs as soon as you get off the bus and stand in front of the river on the opposite side. Here in Berat, the Ottoman design appears to be most stunning.

What is the reputation of Berat?

A Town with a Thousand Windows

The town is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and historic architecture. It is sometimes called the “Town of a Thousand Windows” because of the many enormous windows in the old, elaborately adorned homes that gaze out over the town.


Shkoder, a top tourist destination in Albania - low cost vibes blog
Shkoder, is the traditional capital of northern Albania and is well-known among Albanians for its rich artistic and cultural heritage and its turbulent past. Shkoder’s location as a gateway to the Albanian Alps draws most tourists to the city, in addition to its mood and vibrant culture. Since all public transit passes through Shkoder, this town is a base for exploring Albania’s mountains.


Theth, a top tourist destination in Albania - low cost vibes blog
The largest city close by is Shkoder, and the small town is one of the most well-liked regions in the nation. It is situated in the highlands in Albania‘s far north. Because of the breathtaking scenery and attractions that it has to offer, it is worthwhile to come. The hamlet is situated in Theth National Park‘s centre. The village has a rather rural atmosphere. The homes have wooden tiling on the roof and were constructed from local grey stone. Because of the breathtaking scenery and attractions it offers, Theth is worth a visit. Inside the Theth National Park, the hamlet is situated. A lovely atmosphere permeates the village.

You can also enjoy the local cuisine and culture in Albania

Eat in an authentic Albanian restaurant

Eat in an authentic Albanian restaurant, top Albanian cuisine - low cost vibes blog
Albanian food is a delicious blend of Balkan and Mediterranean flavours. Albania provides many appetising tastes to explore. Fresh, savoury, distinctive, and intolerably inexpensive describe traditional Albanian cuisine.

Take part in cultural events with less crowd

Tirana Summer Festival, the culture events of Albania - low cost vibes blog

The good news is that despite being one of the newest and hottest destinations, Albania isn’t yet a well-liked tourist destination. As a result, you can visit and engage in the locals’ rituals and traditions without having to contend with large groups of tourists.

The lively culture of Albania is on full show all year long in several ways. The National Folk Festival, which takes place annually in Tirana, the nation’s capital, is among the most well-liked occasions. Albanian traditional music, peculiar cuisine, and traditional costume are all featured at this festivity. The Tirana Summer Festival and the International Film Festival are well-known events.


Did you know?

Yes, means no, and no means yes.

When speaking with an Albanian, you might notice that they nod their heads, contray to how we in western societies do when we appear to be non-concurring with you. Move the head from side to side to say yes, over and down to indicate no.

You can often find a scarecrow nailed to a structure or dangling from a roof in Albanian towns. Similar to the spooky masks and lemons used for “Nazar” in India. Albanians think placing a scarecrow there will bring them luck and keep bad spirits away from the area. Occasionally a teddy bear is used in place of a scarecrow.

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