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by Jul 8, 2022

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Transylvania or Romania is one of the most beautiful Balkan regions, with a stunning array of castles, medieval fortresses, and fortified churches. Here, you’ll find the famous Dracula castle and some of Europe’s oldest and most incredible castles.

Castles built for Romanian royalty and nobility over the centuries can be found all over the country. These Romanian castles are a must-see for their historical significance, stunning designs, and stunning views of the Romanian countryside.

Romania is the 25th safest country globally and the 13th safest in Europe, surprisingly safer than Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Its numerous picturesque villages and historic sites are well worth visiting. Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, has made the area one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. The Transylvanian palaces and castles are particularly appealing to children.

Transylvania is best known for its Dracula connection, but a trip to Romania’s heartland reveals Transylvania to be one of Europe’s hidden gems.

Let’s take a look at a few well-known castles


1. Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle

Dracula may be a fictional character in Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror novel published in 1897, but there is a “Dracula’s Castle” just outside Brasov, Romania, on the former Transylvanian border.

You wouldn’t notice anything spectacular if you didn’t know it was the famous Dracula castle. Even though Vlad never lived in the Castle, his portraits and the legend are displayed on the walls.

Tourists can tour the Castle’s interior on their own or take a guided tour, including bedrooms, studies, narrow passages, small courtyards, and towers.

The magnificent fortress, which dates from the 14th century, is now a public museum. You can rent out the spooky house and throw a lavish wedding, although it is a little creepy.

Explore Transylvania beyond Dracula! Folk tales and magical creatures feed the region’s storytelling tradition.

Bran Castle

2. Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle, is one of Romania’s most beautiful castles and one of Europe’s largest. It was built as a defence fortress against the Ottoman Empire and began construction in 1440. Many people believe that this is where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned during his exile.

When visiting Corvin Castle, you can stay in Hunedoara, which has a limited number of accommodation options.

Corvin Castle

3. Iulia Hasdeu Castle

Iulia was the adored daughter of a renowned Romanian scholar. She had been capable of reading at the age of two, speaking fluent French, English, and German at the age of eight, graduating at the age of twelve, and earning a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She had studied music and was able to sing in a beautiful soprano voice. She also used the help of the French painter Maillart to express her talent for the visual arts. She studied Latin and Greek as part of her education and was working on a PhD.

Her brilliant future was tragically cut short when she died of tuberculosis at 18 years old. Her father discovered many manuscripts with great poems, plays, and other writings signed by Iulia after she died, indicating that she was a great talent and scholar. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu became a spiritualist and a firm adept at spiritism after overcoming his despair, and this is where the castle idea takes shape, and our story begins.

Iulia Hasdeu Castle

4. Peles castle

Peles Castle had electricity for the first time in Europe, and it even had its power plant. The Castle is equipped with hot and cold running water, central heating, and a vacuum system. The stained-glass roof opens mechanically, and the royal family has access to a small elevator.

Peles Castle

5. Clay Castle of the valley of fairies

The Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies is a “fairytale castle” made of “100% organic” clay, straw, and sand, with all wooden pillars located in the mountains of Transylvania. A Romanian couple spent two years in the Transylvanian mountains, using only natural materials to construct an eco-friendly “fairytale castle.”

Clay castle of the valley of fairies

6. Sighisoara Castle

Sighisoara is well-known as a tourist destination because of its well-preserved walled old town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The towers are undoubtedly the main attractions of the Citadel.

Sighisoara Castle

7. Poenari Castle

Poenari Castle is a destroyed castle in Romania that served as Vlad the Impaler’s home. To reach the castle ruins, which are perched high above the surrounding area, you need to climb 1,462 steps at this time.

Poenari Castle

8. Cantacuzino Castle

It is a well-preserved old castle with beautiful architecture and breathtaking views. A paid ticket for a garden visit and a castle inside tour is required. If you’re in Busteni, it’s a must-see.

Cantacuzino Castle is part of the Cantacuzino family’s impressive cultural legacy, which dates back to the Byzantine Empire over a thousand years. The Castle reflects its owner’s taste and ambitions, Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, Romania’s richest man in the early twentieth century.

Cantacuzino Castle

9. Enisala Fortress

The Black Sea coast has much more to offer the curious traveller than a day at the beach. A visit to Enisala Fortress is the ideal opportunity to discover this side of tourist attractions.

Enisala Fortress

10. Fagaras Fortress- The fortress was never conquered

You will feel surprised to find a well-preserved fortress with a well-built tour step by step through the fortress. You would understand how the fortress came to be, its role throughout history, and a good description of life in that province several hundred years ago. It is one of the best-managed and organised fortresses in the world, despite being less well-known than many other Romanian castles.

Fagaras Fortress

Alright! we saw some of the best castles in Romania, but if you plan your itinerary with great care, you can see even more beautiful castles filled with history.

One of the best times to visit Transylvania is on Halloween. It goes without saying. In the Citadel of Sighisoara, there is a hilarious party featuring magicians, a Vampire Killing show, and a Ritual Killing of the Living Dead. There is nothing scary about it; it is just people having a good time at a well-organised masquerade party with competitions. Another is the Bran Castle Halloween Party, Romania’s most extensive and it has a club-like atmosphere.

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