Gorgeous life on the “Golden Coast”

by Jun 16, 2022

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The Costa Dorada is the best place to visit in Spain. It provides its guests with a diverse range of leisure activities, culture, nature, and history. It is an ideal location to relax with the whole family.

Spain is known as “the golden coast” because of its beautiful sandy beaches. This coast provides hidden bays, lovely beach towns, vibrant cities, lively resorts, and endless enjoyment from Cunit to Delta del Ebro.

The Costa Dorada, which translates to “golden coast,” is precisely that. The region runs from the Costa Brava in the south to Tarragona in the north. The kilometres of golden and warm natural coastline and the Mediterranean waters ensure that you will have a wonderful vacation.

The Costa Dorada features long stretches of fine sand beaches and isolated bays with views of the Mediterranean Sea. The region caters primarily to vacationing families, with family-friendly attractions such as theme parks, plazas, theatres, stores, golf courses, and eateries along the shore.

Tarragona is a popular tourist destination in Spain’s Catalonia area. The beautiful coastlines of Catalonia’s Costa Dorada, or Golden Coast, are embraced by this port town. A large portion of the city is located on a cliff overlooking the Spanish coast, with views of the Mediterranean.
The beaches near Tarragona are clean and family-friendly, with lifeguards, showers, and eateries on the busier ones. It’s easy to discover calm-water for swimming and a secluded length of warm golden beach with so many protected nature areas. The more secluded beaches are located further north, away from the city.

Tarragona was the first Roman settlement in continental Spain, founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Seafood, Catalan specialities, and exquisite wines are among the cuisine’s highlights.

Exciting things to do in Costa Dorada, Catalonia, range from fantastic water activities and picturesque mountain villages to ancient Roman sites and entertainment parks.

Embark on a Cave Paddleboarding Adventure.

This paddleboarding expedition is one of the entire vacations across the Costa Dorada highlights.

If paddleboarding is one of your favourite activities, you need to try this out! Nothing beats paddling through the water and gliding the paddle around the board. It is calming, improves core strength, and has a magical quality standing erect on the water.

The National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona houses Europe’s most extensive collection of Roman and Iron Age artefacts. These artefacts come from the Roman Tarraco’s central monumental locations, including theatres, circuses, and forums.
Nothing beats a visit to this museum to learn about the history of Hispania’s most important capital, where you may learn about the city through its archaeological features, sculptures, and other significant provinces relics.

It’s an ideal location for history and archaeology buffs.

The national archaeological museum of Tarragona

Port Aventura

The most prominent theme park in Spain, located in Salou on the northeast coast, gets over four million people every year, making it the most popular theme park in the country.
The six themed worlds of Port Aventura and Ferrari Land, Spain’s largest and most popular theme park, offer tourists a variety of high-speed rides. Thrill rides, including the second and third fastest roller coasters in Europe, Furious Baco and Shambhala, and a fantastic range of entertainment and performances.

It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and a variety of retail opportunities. Also, roller coasters, dizzying slides, children’s attractions, and game sections are available. It’s an excellent setting for spending time with friends and family.

Port Aventura (theme park in Spain)


The canyon of Mont-Rebei is ideal for various sports due to its natural surroundings. We recommend hiking and kayaking if you’re here for a few days, especially between April and September.

Continue to the gorge’s beautiful entrance, breathing in the fresh mountain air. The sensation of freedom and the sights are fantastic once you’ve arrived. We recommend taking a break at one of the beaches to recharge your batteries while admiring the breathtaking scenery.
In Costa Dorada, the beaches are the first and most popular attraction. Salou, La Ribera, and Cambrils are just a few of the lovely beaches to pick. Windsurfing, underwater fishing, and water skiing are among the water sports accessible.


The Llevant beach

The Llevant beach is Salou’s most well-known, central, and lengthy beach. The beach is large, clean, and safe, with a promenade that would make kids do backflips.
This beach has various refreshment options, including beverage and ice cream vendors that serve tasty delights great for a day in the sun. The youngsters will enjoy roaming in the children’s play area in addition to eating the incredible, delectable food.

The Llevant beach

Els Munts

Els Munts is one of Roman Hispania’s best-preserved aristocratic homes. The residents of this country mansion would have enjoyed the calm of rural life and the beauty of the surroundings, yet without sacrificing luxury and refinement, in an unrivalled setting on the Mediterranean coasts. It was a house built for the Tarraco aristocrats’ leisure and pleasure, and it would have played an essential part in their social, political, and economic relationships.

Els Munts

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