Holiday in La Belle France for a Taste of Good Life

by Jan 26, 2022

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Museums, romance, food, fashion, architecture, and art holiday in France is an opportunity to experience fine living. This country has inspired many great painters, and its charming heritage continues to enchant modern travellers. Where do you begin when a capital city has some of the world’s most famous attractions, and a country is the most visited tourist destination in the world? Begin and end in Paris. But, once you’ve inhaled its iconic architecture, world-class galleries and museums, and lounged at terrace cafés, patisseries, and restaurants, it’s time to explore the rest of France. Let Vibes group experts help you plan your itinerary; you might never leave the magnificent “City of Light,” the world’s headquarters for fine dining, legendary designers, and haute couture.

Visit the Loire Valley, not far from Paris, and immerse yourself in some of the finest wine-making and gourmet-dining traditions. Wine enthusiasts should not miss a visit to Bordeaux, France’s wine capital, where wine bars and picturesque outlying estates allow you to sample the splendorous wines produced here. Although a food, market, or degustation tour is the best way to explore this region, Bordeaux is also one of France’s many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Provence region, famous for its endless fields of lavender and wine estates producing a perfect pink rosé wine, is dotted with picture-perfect towns and villages. The French Riviera, known as the Côte d’Azur, is located in the province’s southernmost region and is lined with chic seaside resorts. Relive medieval history in Avignon, Provence’s riverside city, and spend some time in sunny Nice, which also happens to be a cultural and artistic hotspot.

Lyon, located near the Rhône Valley and the vineyards of Provence and Burgundy, is widely regarded as France’s traditional gastronomic capital. Enjoy French cuisine at the best bouchons, but don’t miss out on the city’s Renaissance architectural treasures and exquisite museums.

History buffs must visit Normandy’s beaches and other D-Day sites and museums. Then visit the enchanted island abbey of Mont-St-Michel. Try some of Normandy’s world-famous products in the countryside, such as Camembert cheese, Calvados brandy, and apple cider. While on holiday in France, visit champagne cellars in Reims and live it up in world-class cities like Strasbourg. But one thing is sure: whether it’s the grand palace at Versailles or the breathtaking alpine views from Chamonix, France’s ski resort, it will take your breath away at every turn.