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by Feb 23, 2023

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Do you believe in Hypnotising? I only did once I tasted the cuisines in the Venice of North. My only regret was why I didn’t try these cuisines earlier. Even after returning to my home country, my taste buds still yearn to go back and try those cuisines again. The taste of the foods is beyond compare and highly delicious.

Being nicknamed the Venice of North, Stockholm is a modern unit for game and technology, fashion and designing, film and music, and most importantly, food. Known as Sweden’s capital and the largest city, Stockholm is a must-visit spot for your next holiday. Everything in the city will make it hard to leave, and the food tops the list. I’m here to describe a few of my favourite Stockholm foods you’ll love on your first bite.

1. The Sandwich Cake

Sandwich cake, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

Sandwich cake? Yes, it is! You read it right. This combination of cake and sandwiches results in incredibly delicious food. The Sandwich cake is a must-served Swedish phenomenon in all large gatherings and official parties. They are easily prepared and a perfect way to impress guests. The lavishing layers and the tasteful garnishes are perfect for the eyes and tummy. The bread layered with cream cheese, egg salad, ham and pickle salad, then topped with fresh herbs, will get you hypnotized.

2. Swedish Hash (Pyttipanna)

Swedish Hash, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

Swedish hash is a perfect breakfast meal on your holiday to Stockholm. Swedish hash is a quickly made recipe within less time and delivers a great taste to your taste buds. Pyttipanna, made of pan-fried potatoes, ham and sausage, is a goodness mixed in one tasty bite. Since this is one of the most loved dishes by the locals of the city, the frozen pyttipanna is available at the supermarket to purchase. So try this heaven bit at Stockholm and take home frozen versions of it as a souvenir for your loved ones.

3. Burger patties with onion sauce (panbiff)

Burger patties with onion sauce, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

We have known the taste of Burger patties in our country version, but the Stockholm version is unmatchable. I couldn’t stop buying and eating this deliciousness on my holiday in Stockholm. The burger patties with onion sauce alongside mashed potatoes or rice would be a perfect combination of meals, and it also goes along with dinner rolls and ice-cold sweet tea. Panbiff is prepared as a dinner all across the city’s houses and served as a lunchtime meal in most restaurants.

4. Swedish Cabbage pudding

Swedish Cabbage pudding, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

You may not be a vegetable fan, but you will be one once you try this delicious Swedish pudding made from cabbage. The cabbage pudding was introduced in the 17th century as a simplified version of rolls, and this historic dish is made of white cabbage, minced meat and rice alongside mashed potatoes, Lingonberry jam or ghee. The Swedish cabbage pudding is available in almost all restaurants in Stockholm.

5. Pea soup and pancakes

Pea soup and pancakes, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

Pea soup ad pancakes. It may sound unfamiliar but trust me, it tastes better than it sounds. Considering the country’s catholic population’s fasting on Fridays, the classic meal is traditionally comforting on Thursday. The dish combines pork broth, peas and spices such as thyme, marjoram and mustard. The pancakes added alongside the classic Sweden soup enjoyed since the 13th century give an extra deliciousness to the meal. The pea soup and pancakes are available in the supermarkets and served on lunch menus across the city, especially on Thursdays.

6. Fried herring

Fried herring, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

During Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, herring is the only thing to cross our minds when we think about Swedish cuisines. Herring is a fish loved by all the swedes, which they include in their meals every day as freshly cooked or pickles. The herring, coated with flour and then fried in butter, is a top-notch side dish that goes great, along with potato mash and a dollop of lingonberry jam. Not only made in houses and served in fancy restaurants, but Fried herring is also quickly prepared and served as the famous street food in Stockholm. Fried herring is a hearty Sweden dish that the locals, as well as tourists, love.

7. Swedish beef stew (Kalos)

Swedish beef stew, top hypnotising cuisines in Stockholm - World Holiday Vibes Blog

Kalops, which arrived from the word callops, meaning a piece of beef, has been a well-loved dish in Sweden for the past 200 years.

As a slowly cooked beef stew with vegetables and spices, mostly allspice berries which give its distinct flavour is a delicious and belly-warming food for a cold winter’s evening. It goes best with potatoes and red pickled beets, and adding a few carrots will give a taste of French cuisine. The kalops are served across all the restaurants in Stockholm as a standard lunch option.


Everything in Stockholm will make your holiday the most memorable one. And the food will top the list. Try all the food listed above to experience Swedish cuisine on your next holiday to Sweden. Have a safe journey!

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