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by Dec 17, 2022

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Yes! The Eiffel tower comes to mind first.

Due to its innovative, aesthetic design, which was viewed as “crazy” when it was built, the Eiffel Tower is one of the key reasons it is so well-known.

It is well-known because the tower can be seen in virtually every photograph and movie set in Paris that features the city’s skyline. Climbing is an unforgettable experience and one of the most unusual structures in the entire world.

People from many walks of life were drawn to the symbolism of the Eiffel Tower because they could interpret it in any way they wanted and find meaning in it.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Arc de Triomphe honours soldiers who gave their lives in battle for France. Also, French victories and generals’ names are inscribed. Under its crypt is where the Unknown Soldier’s First World War burial is situated.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

One of the must-see attractions in Paris is the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, which is renowned for its ornate architecture, lengthy history, antiquity, and status as the national symbol of France. It was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and was acknowledged as the landmark with the highest annual visitor count in 2018.

Some of Catholicism’s most revered artefacts were also kept in the cathedral, including the garment worn by Saint Louis, a 13th-century French ruler, and the crown of thorns thought to have been worn by Jesus just before his crucifixion (Louis IX). Monsignor Patrick Chauvet reported that both of these artefacts had survived the fire.

Taste the best Baguette

Taste the best Baguette in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Nothing beats a nice, crusty, freshly baked baguette from the nearby bakery. Getting the bread home before eating it on the way is always challenging! The Baguette is unquestionably one of the French foods that researchers have looked at the most.


Ratatouille, best dishes in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The word “Ratatouille” immediately brings French vegetables, a vegetarian Pixar movie, and sunshine to mind.

Ratatouille evolved from a simple dish created by peasants with the few ingredients they had to a dish fit for a restaurant. It is now well-known internationally because of the computer-animated movie that popularised it and encouraged chefs of all skill levels to create their unique takes on it.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Louvre is the world’s most well-known and significant museum of fine arts, and there is the world’s most incredible art collection. It is also the most famous and frequently visited museum in the world, with an astounding 10 million visitors yearly.

The exhibit space is over 73,000 square metres, making it the largest museum in the entire globe. The iconic Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa are among the works of art from antiquity to the 19th century, which makes them one of the best.


Gardens of Versailles in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Gardens of Versailles are transformed at night into a breathtaking visual, and aural experience as fountains and groves come to life with vibrant and dramatic lighting effects. Every year in the summer, stage effects and lighting artists illuminate the Gardens and show visitors their unexpected projects.

Check the Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Versailles Palace‘s principal activities during the war were mobilising support for the nation’s endeavour and providing the most assistance to the injured and the families of fallen troops. Versailles gained global prominence in 1919 when it was chosen to host the signing of the peace accord.

Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Disneyland Paris, the most popular tourist attraction in Europe, has welcomed more than 375 million visitors since it opened in 1992, contributing 6% of French tourism income.

Disneyland Paris is enjoyable for Disney fans of all levels, but don’t anticipate an exact image of any other Disney park. As long as you don’t anticipate fine dining or adorable, charming Disney delights, the rides are more exhilarating, the castle is more vibrant, and the experience is lovely overall.

The park is considered a fantastic theme park in Europe and is only 40 minutes outside the heart of Paris. Disneyland Paris is a must-see for children and adults who enjoy Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars. The first 4D Ratatouille: The Adventure ride is also located there.

Go for croissants

Croissants, types of bread in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

For whatever reason, croissants have emerged as a defining aspect of French culture, and they continue to be popular breakfast items all around the nation. Croissants have travelled across boundaries, being relished with ham and cheese or particular jams anywhere from Spain to the US.

What French pastry is the most well-known?

Eclair, pastry dish in France - Low Cost Vibes Blog


The eclair is one of the most well-known French pastries, much like the croissant. It describes an oblong-shaped choux pastry with chocolate ganache on top and pastry cream filling.

Famous for fashion

Fashion in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals, and France is renowned for its richness, style, and beauty. It also features numerous cities and towns with a significant history in the entering business, as well as a variety of exhibits and events of different sizes, like fashion weeks and festivals.

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