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Turkey is the world’s 37th largest country with a cultural heritage and an overwhelming historical timeline. If you think is it worth visiting, then please do read this article. It is famous for plenty of things such as its place, rich history, culture and tradition, Roman ruins, vacation spots, river cruising, hot-air balloon rides, cuisine, Turkish tea, souvenirs, carpets, hammam, bazaar, beautiful beaches, landscapes, UNESCO Heritage Site, and so on.

The city of Ankara is the capital of Turkey and one of Turkey’s most diverse tourist destinations. It has many historical sites such as museums and entertainment parks, and it is Turkey’s important modern pilgrimage site. Some of the best places to visit in Ankara are; Ankara Castle, Mavi Gol Lake, Ancient Roma Bath, Harikalar Diyari Park, Onu Bath, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Elmadag Mount for skiing.

In Turkey, Cappadocia is a beautiful region where you can spend around ten days experiencing all the adventurous activities; it’s that awesome. Flying in a hot air balloon at sunrise, hiking, viewing the sunset from lover’s hills, gazing at the love valley, exploring Ihlara valley, Pigeon valley hiking trail, admiring the pink Salt Lake, exploring sword valley, and many more things can make your trip extraordinary.

Turkey is a place to have fantastic food, and Turkish baklava is the number one dish to recommend. Also, don’t miss trying their Turkish tea and coffee, which tastes different from your average tea or coffee. A Turkish proverb proves that coffee should be “black as hell, strong as death and sweet as sugar”. After a long day’s expedition, refresh yourself with one of these heavenly Turkish beverages.

You must plan a food trip to Turkey since it is one of the best countries to have good food. I would recommend you to try Lahmacun, which tastes good. It looked like pizza but with a thin crust and less cheese, topped with minced meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. Durum is another Turkish food that you can try pretty much anywhere, and it is a wrap filled with kebab.

Istanbul, the cultural heart of Turkey, is a unique city with a mixture of cultures, colourful history, and exciting sights. This city is also full of picturesque places, which gives excellent opportunities for photographers and is ideal for cat lovers as you find cats everywhere in the city. No matter what your priorities are, you will love Istanbul anyway.

Turkish baths or hammam is another famous peculiarity of Istanbul. Does a Turkish bath benefit you? Hot temperature makes you sweat, which aids in the removal of toxins, and chemicals from the body and increases circulation; the opening of pores will deeply clean your body. As this bath relieves stress, why don’t you try because you deserve to be treated well?

Have you ever heard about the oldest and largest historical bazaar globally? If not, you must visit “The Grand Bazaar” in Istanbul, built on Sultan Fatih’s order to provide income for Hagia Sophia. It offers a wide variety of goods and regularly welcomes almost half a million customers. Buy some edible gifts to present to your loved ones after the tour.

Let us now check how one should spend the days in Turkey accordingly

Please learn a few Turkish words before going since many people in Turkey don’t speak English, just like people in the United Kingdom don’t speak Turkish. It will help you communicate in an emergency. Also, practising body language like nodding your head will exhibit confusion; nodding your head downwards means saying “yes,” lifting your chin, raising your eyebrows and clicking your tongue displays “no”. These can help you travel smoothly.

Don’t get annoyed if Turkish guys exclusively converse with your male friend; this is common in rural areas. He isn’t dismissing you; he is trying to protect your virtue, and it is a tradition; he is being polite to you. Likewise, men shouldn’t address a single Turkish woman since it is considered threatening.

If you visit a Turkish home, please don’t leave food on your plate; make sure you eat everything that’s served to you. It is considered like you insult the host if you leave food on plates because the Turkish cuisine is incredible. As I mentioned earlier, it is one of the best countries for good food.

Turkey is a country where the majority of the people practice Islam, and they should pray five times a day, ideally. Do not obstruct someone’s view or stroll past someone praying from the front, as you will undoubtedly upset them; if this occurs, the person’s prayer is null, and they must begin again. Consider this guideline to be quite vital to avoid confrontation with enraged residents.

Do not limit your time in Turkey to two weeks as that will be the biggest mistake you would have done travelling to Turkey. There is a lot to explore so only spending two weeks won’t be enough. Plan your itinerary well, head to Turkey and return with satisfaction instead of regrets.

The Turkish people are well-known for their warm hospitality, and they are genuine in human relationships. You will always be invited for a delicious meal or at least for glasses of Turkish tea and sweet delights. Thus, Turkey is worth a visit.

The grand bazaar in Istanbu
Turkish baklava
Ankara castle
Ancient Roma Bath

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