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by Feb 1, 2023

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What makes Ireland unique? Is it their exquisite location? Is it their rich natural beauty, landscapes, and white, sandy, lovely beaches? To be honest, It’s everything! It’s a compact package of nature’s beautiful creations. There couldn’t be a better treat for the eyes than the islands of Ireland. I am the luckiest person on earth if I get the opportunity to visit this beauty at least once in a lifetime. Every Island in Ireland is unique and bursts out with intense beauty.

A trip to an island provides a unique opportunity to see new cultures, hike lovely walking trails, eat fresh seafood, and get to know some loveliest folks. I’m confident that after reading this post, at least one of the islands will be added to your bucket list. Hop in!

1. Arranmore

Arranmore, island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Aran Island, sometimes known as Arranmore (there are Aran Islands, but they are located off the coast of Galway). Irish students studying Gaelic congregate on Arranmore Island, which is well-known for its bustling taverns and traditional music. You can drive your car to the Island and take the ferry over if you wish to hear Donegal’s traditional Irish music.

2. Cruitt Island

Cruitt Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Off the coast of West Donegal, close to Kincasslagh, lies a little island called Cruit (pronounced “Critch”), which is only around three miles long and one mile wide. The Island is incredibly lovely, and its entire shoreline is lined with sandy beaches. In actuality, this tiny Island has roughly twelve beaches. There are a few slipways and a small pier. At Bellcruit, you can walk to the mainland during low tide.

3. Rathlin Island

Rathlin Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The ferry from Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, to Rathlin can be used anytime. Puffins can be seen here during the breeding season, and Rathlin is home to the largest seabird colony in Northern Ireland. After descending the numerous stairs to the upside-down lighthouse, Bert’s bus will transport you directly from the ferry to the seabird centre, where you may see a variety of them.

4. Oyster Island

Oyster Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The numerous oyster beds present along its coasts until the end of the 19th century gave Oyster Island, located right off Rosses Point, its name. Sruth na mile, the waterway of a thousand currents, divides the smaller Oyster Island from the larger Coney Island. The unique whispering sound that South na mile’s tidal eddies produce varies with the tide’s ebb and flow.

5. Clare Island

Clare Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The O’Malley family residence, Clare Island, stands to watch over Clew Bay in Mayo. This is the hiker’s Island, which may be reached by ferry from the Roonagh Pier. You can hike to the summit of Knocknore Mountain, visit Grace’s burial, and examine the medieval murals at the Cistercian Abbey.

6. Achill Island

Achill Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

During the season, Achill Island attracts the most significant number of visitors. The largest Island in Ireland, it boasts a nearly 80-mile-long shoreline. Due to its swing bridge that connects it to the mainland, Achill is one of the few Irish Islands that can be reached by land. Two magnificent beaches can be found in Achill: Keel Beach, which is excellent for surfing, and Keem Bay, which resembles a Caribbean beach and is flanked by picturesque mountains and a lot of sheep.

7. Lettermullan

Lettermullan, islands in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

A landbridge connects Caladh Gholam to Lettermullan Island, where you may explore the fascinating Lettermullen and Garumna Heritage Centre and learn about the area’s rich history. The centre features a beautiful exhibition of antique tools and equipment, including a blacksmith, carpenter, and farming items, to name a few.

8. Great Blasket Island

Great Blasket Island in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This Island, located in stunning County Kerry just offshore from the Dingle Peninsula, has incredible natural beauty and a fascinating past. Here, you can travel by ferry, take breathtaking hill walks, see seal colonies, and completely detach. There isn’t any internet access on the Island, I promise! The Island has residents, but others look after it. A young couple who wanted to take care of Great Blasket Island took the opportunity!

9. Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael, Islands in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This picturesque Irish Island, where shots were recorded at the well-known cliffs, would undoubtedly be familiar to Star Wars fans. Over 500 steps of the historic stone stairway must be climbed to reach the UNESCO-listed 6th-century monastic site. Do you have the courage?

10. Ireland’s Eye

Ireland's Eye, Islands in Ireland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Ireland’s Eye, a former monastic settlement from the early Christian era, is not far from Dublin. The ruins of an eighth-century church can still be seen where St. Nessan founded a monastery in the sixth century. A Martello Tower was constructed in the early 19th century to defend against French assault. The Island is now best known for being a haven for birdwatchers, who swarm there in droves from late spring to late summer.

The islands of Ireland are home to lost civilisations that cannot be found elsewhere. To tour the Irish Island of Ireland, board a boat, drive over a breathtaking bridge, or board a cable car. Take in breathtaking beauty, unusual fauna, and treks along craggy cliffs. Become friends with residents from some inhabited islands and experience island life firsthand.

Have a safe journey!

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