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by Jan 29, 2023

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Malta is a well-liked tourist destination, and it’s famous for its pleasant weather and stunning scenery, often used as a backdrop for big-budget movies. Some of the world’s oldest temples, like Malta’s Megalithic Temples, are in the archipelago. Malta can be a fantastic destination for a family trip, a romantic getaway, or even a group of friends, especially if you’re searching for an uncommon place to do a girls’ trip in Europe. It offers a blend of history, culture, and beaches, among other things.

Visit Valletta, the first planned city in Europe

Visit Valletta, the first planned city in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The world-heritage-listed fortified capital of Malta is Valletta. When someone mentions Valletta, Malta, the first image that comes to mind is one of a city deeply rooted in a long military past and a history related to the Knights of St. John. This may be seen in Valletta, Malta, a veritable architectural treasure trove. It has a vast collection of beautiful fortresses, gorgeous baroque structures, luxurious palaces, spectacular cathedrals, enormous theatres, and striking gardens.

Using architecture, the British consolidated their dominance over the Maltese Islands. This is especially obvious in the architecture of Valletta, Malta. Valletta has several names, many of which refer to its lengthy history. It is a masterpiece of the Baroque period, a European Art City, a World Heritage City, and the “modern” city constructed by the Knights of St. John. It now ranks among the world’s historic regions with the highest concentration.

Silent city of Mdina

Silent city of Mdina - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This city can also be incredibly romantic, especially after night, so why not ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the historic city in the twilight, have a wonderful meal at a restaurant owned by the locals, and then wander back via the quiet, winding streets for a natural flavour of history.

Visit Cottonera’s three cities

's three cities - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Cospicua (also known as Bormla), Vittoriosa (also known as Birgu), and Senglea (also known as L’Isla) make up the Cottonera group of three nearby cities in Malta, which has a population of about 11,000. They are also referred to as the Three Cities together. The Three Cities are unique in a variety of ways. Their history, closely tied to the Knights’ Order, their location, which looks out over the Grand Harbour, and their recent restoration to a newfound grandeur make them incredibly special in what they offer.


Senglea - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The smallest of the Three Cities in the Cottonera is called Isla (or Senglea). The picturesque fortified city of Valletta is visible from the old city, which is perched on a peninsula jutting into the Grand Harbour. This neighbourhood, which dates back to the 16th century and is one of the oldest settlements in the Maltese Islands, is one of the jewels of the archipelago. The Knights built many buildings, making it one of the island’s most heavily guarded regions. It is undoubtedly a jewel surrounded by magnificent bastions, with commanding views still policing the Grand Harbour as it did centuries ago. This historic city is more than just a charming location. The old buildings and their winding streets are alive with activity. The city hosts various events, including the well-known Regattas (traditional boat races), which are held twice a year on the waters of Grand Harbour on March 31st and September 8th. The city festa, which takes place on September 8th, is L’Isla’s biggest event, with the town being magnificently decorated, illuminated by hundreds of light bulbs, and set ablaze by spectacular fireworks. The Senglea Maritime Festival (May/June), which is genuinely a celebration of the local culture, history, and affinity with the sea, has just been introduced to the local calendar.

Ancient Tarxien temples

Ancient Tarxien temples - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The Tarxien Temples are a unique archaeological complex comprised of four megalithic temple buildings. Built between 3600 and 2500 BC, the earliest is the most degraded. The temples were converted to serve as cremation cemeteries throughout the Bronze Age.

Blue Lagoon on Comino

Blue Lagoon on Comino - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Swimming in the stunning Blue Lagoon is the biggest attraction on Comino, as well as being a haven for windsurfers, snorkellers, and divers. The Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly one of Malta’s most excellent beaches and has some of the most transparent water I’ve ever seen or swum in. It’s a must-see for everyone travelling to Malta. Silica improves the skin’s ability to operate as a barrier and offers deep cleaning brilliance. Blue Lagoon algae speed up collagen synthesis while slowing down collagen breakdown. The moisturising and revitalising qualities of the minerals from the Blue Lagoon are also well known.

The Isle of Gozo

The Isle of Gozo - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The island’s remarkable Ggantija temples, some of the world’s oldest religious monuments, have stunning orange-red dunes and Ramla Bay‘s ideal snorkelling conditions. The transportation on Gozo‘s roadways is rickety, adding to the adventure of your journey. The primary island in the Maltese archipelago, Gozo, should also be visited in Malta. Gozo, which is close to Malta’s main island and can be reached by ferry, is intriguing with its natural features, inhabitants’ way of life, and cultural traditions.

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