10 Greek Holiday Destinations to Ponder

by Dec 2, 2022

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If you’ve never gone to Greece, you must go. Greece is home to impressive buildings and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, whether or not you are interested in history.

Consider taking the time to visit some of the magnificent locations listed below.

1. Corfu

All inclusive Greek holidays to Corfu - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Corfu’s tourism industry is well-developed and perfect for all holidaymakers, including couples, families, and young travellers who like lively nightlife. The well-known green Island is endowed with picturesque landscapes made up of coves, infinite beaches, lush hills, and forests.

Corfu is renowned for its beaches, but you must attend the Canal d’Amour, where a swimming tunnel is formed by a natural route formed by the smooth rocks. While waiting, explore the breathtaking sandy beaches and sandstone formations in Sidari.

2. Crete

All inclusive Greek holidays to Crete - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Crete‘s most prominent of the Greek Islands are easily accessible and breathtaking. Due to its size can provide visitors with a wide range of attractions, including breathtaking sunsets, authentic Greek cuisine, picturesque beaches, ancient ruins, and hiking trails. The picturesque Greek island of Crete is home to several archaeological sites, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, and sun-drenched beaches. It offers unrivalled beauty to its tourists.

All kinds of outdoor sports and activities are perfect on Crete. The splendour of the gorges is unmatched for hiking and canyoning. With its famed Portes, Samaria is the biggest and most well-known.

3. Kos

All inclusive Greek holidays to Kos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The stunning beaches and the pristine ocean on the Island of Kos are well-known, and the Island of Kos is the best place to go if you search for paradisiacal beaches.

Kos is more than just golden beaches. Discover a Roman-era city, pedal its family-friendly trails, and relax in geothermal hot springs.

4. Mykonos

All inclusive Greek holidays to Mykonos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Mykonos is a holiday spot that everybody can enjoy, not just because it offers hot weather almost the entire year. It also provides a mix of services for families and a party environment. It has a reputation for being a rowdy party island, but it also provides elegance, history, fine dining, dazzling shores, and exciting tours and activities. Mykonos is a popular destination for Island hopping because of its proximity.

5. Naxos

All inclusive Greek holidays to Naxos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Beautiful beaches, charming towns, mouthwatering cuisine, significant archaeological sites, a variety of hiking trails, and windsurfing and kitesurfing places are just a few of the many

attractions Naxos has to offer its visitors. It is regarded as a location where any taste can be satisfied.

Without a doubt, Naxos is one of the Greek islands that welcomes families the best. Due to its relaxed environment, beautiful beaches, and warm hotels, it is the ideal Island for family vacations. It would be easier if you took a taxi to explore the areas.

6. Rhodes

All inclusive Greek holidays to Rhodes - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Rhodes also referred to as the “Knights’ island,” boasts a deep history, stunning mediaeval architecture, great beaches, mouthwatering gastronomy, extensive history and beautiful natural beauty! The Old Town of Rhodes, complete with its opulent homes and stone-paved streets, is a World Heritage Site.

It has everything you’d expect from a Greek island, including those sugar cube buildings with blue doors, year-round sunshine, and tiny tavernas serving mouthwatering grilled fish and ouzo chasers.

7. Samos

All inclusive Greek holidays to Samos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

One of the most stunning islands in Eastern Aegean is Samos. This treasure distinguishes itself for its picturesque fishing towns, lush green surroundings, and beautiful beaches. There are daily boats to Turkey’s Kusadasi from the Island because it is so near its coasts.

You are in for a blast if you decide to spend your Greek island vacation on Samos because there is a wealth of natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, and fascinating history.

8. Santorini

All inclusive Greek holidays to Santorini - Low Cost Vibes Blog

It possesses all the characteristics you want for the ideal Greek island: towering cliffs, whitewashed homes, and breathtaking sunsets.

For many reasons, Santorini in Greece is one of the best places to vacation. The tiny Island is overflowing with distinctive flavours, has strong traditional origins, and offers spectacular views around every bend. There are many romantic locations available, as well as many beautiful natural sceneries.

9. Thessalonikia

All inclusive Greek holidays to Thessalonikia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Thessaloniki stands out among Greek cities as an odd instance. It’s a city that invites you to wander leisurely while admiring the wide-ranging ocean scenery. It is lively, vibrant, frantic, and sometimes romantic. The second-largest city in Greece has a rich culinary tradition, a long history, and many contradictions, and it is up to you to track them all down.

Thessaloniki makes a great starting point for travelling throughout the region of Halkidiki, known for its stunning natural scenery. Ancient churches and renowned remote Atos monasteries can be found on the Atos peninsula. The warm shallow sea and gorgeous sandy beaches of Halkidiki’s other two peninsulas are well-known.

10. Zakynthos

All inclusive Greek holidays to Zakynthos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

If having a high-quality beach is a priority for your holiday, Zakynthos offers a variety of stunning sandy beaches that frequently rank among the best in the world.

Which food is a local favourite in Zakynthos?

Classic starters include spreadable sauces made with yoghurt, cucumbers, and garlic, such as melitzanosalata, taramosalata, and tzatziki. Bread may be offered with any of the three.

You are held captive by the Island forever once it possesses you. Greek islands number about 1400. You can only partially understand Greece, even if you are Greek.

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