The leading European nations where women can feel most secure

by Dec 1, 2022

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Women have a right to live without experiencing violence, harassment, or discrimination.

The woman in the family plays the wife, partner, organiser, administrator, director, re-creator, disburser, economist, mother, teacher, health officer, artist, and queen. Additionally, women are essential for society’s socioeconomic growth.

But why do women generally feel less secure than males around the world? And indeed, some regions of the world still cherish women. This is owed to the best European nations, which allow women to live peaceful lives.

The finest nations for valuing women are highlighted below.

1. Sweden

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According to the report’s national description, took first place in the best countries for women list because of its advanced attitudes toward gender equality. According to the Swedish government, one of the cornerstones of Sweden’s society is gender equality.

In comparing the nations ranked, Sweden came out on top in a list of five elements essential to women’s well-being:

    • Respect for human rights
    • Fair pay for women and men
    • A secure and progressive society

Foreigners find the Swedish people friendly and helpful, yet they rarely bother to invade personal space. Therefore, you will typically have to start the conversation before talking for hours.

2. Norway

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Norway is considered the second-best nation in the world in helping women before, during, and after childbirth. For working women, the country offers excellent accommodations.

Even going on a nighttime stroll by yourself is generally safe, and the likelihood that you’ll experience crime is low. Home and business burglaries account for the majority of crimes in Norway.

3. Finland

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Finland takes great pride in the freedom it affords to women.

Finland became the first country in Europe to provide women with the right to vote, making it a global leader in promoting gender equality. They want foreign guests to know they are welcome.

Even if you’re considering moving to Helsinki, the city’s capital, you can anticipate a laid-back atmosphere where individuals typically feel safe going for walks in local parks or utilising public transportation, no matter what time of day.

4. Denmark

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Denmark is regarded as the greatest country in the world for a single woman to live in despite not having strict safety laws for women. You are encouraged to visit and wander your favourite locations late at night without worrying about safety.

Denmark is seen as very safe. However, single women, in particular, should take “common sense” safety precautions. Rape, especially spousal rape, and domestic violence are both crimes under the law. Many people believe that rape is significantly underreported throughout the kingdom even though the legislation imposes criminal penalties of imprisonment. In rare cases, “mitigating circumstances” like marriage can decrease rape-related prison time to four years.

5. Switzerland

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Women often feel uncomfortable travelling alone to particular places. Switzerland, fortunately, is not one of them. Among the safest travel locations in Switzerland. Along with nations like Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark, it frequently ranks first on lists of the safest places to travel.

Switzerland is the country that led the charge to eradicate gender prejudices in travel long before it was selected as the subject of International Women’s Day in 2022. The nation provides a variety of women-only activities in recognition that more women are growing independent, adventurous, and at ease travelling alone or in all-women groups.

Consider female-led hiking excursions, cuisine trails, history tours, adventure tours, museum tours, and more!

6. Turkey

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Female solo tourists are safe in Turkey. There is no greater risk involved in travelling alone to Turkey than there is in doing so in any other nation.

A female traveller visiting Cappadocia alone will likely have a safe and happy experience. You must be aware of your surroundings and use common sense to stay safe. As with anywhere else, you should use caution when travelling alone in Turkey.

7. Ireland

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Ireland is a safe country for women to travel alone. Again, it is wise to follow standard safety precautions. If you don’t know any locals, ask a staff member at the hotel where you are staying if the place you intend to visit is secure. Inform someone of your intended destination and return time.

8. The Netherlands

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By international standards, the Netherlands is a secure nation. Street crime and levels of violence are comparatively low. Just exercise usual caution, such as never putting your phone in your back pocket and always locking your bike. You should feel comfortable approaching the police if something does occur.

9. Iceland

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Fortunately, Iceland is among the best and safest nations for female travellers travelling alone. Because of its gender equality and low crime rate, Iceland is the perfect destination for a single female traveller.

Iceland offers a wide variety of activities designed exclusively for solo travellers, which is a significant advantage. There is something for every kind of adventurer, from hiking across stunning landscapes to exploring majestic ice caves.

10. Germany

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There is no need for excessive worry because Germany is usually safe. Because so many international students attend German universities each year, you may be sure that you won’t need to take extra steps to stay safe in everyday situations.

If a woman resolves not to fear anyone, she can be anything she wants.

Do you now have a safe destination to travel to as a woman?

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