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by Nov 27, 2022

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This nation’s enormous size makes it the ideal holiday spot for many travellers. For hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities, adventurers flock to the mountains and lakes, while those who are seeking local culture and experiences tour the nation’s 1,110 villages and towns.

The Volga, Europe’s longest river, and Ladoga, its largest lake, are both in Russia. Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, is in Russia and boasts the lowest temperature recorded outside the North and South Poles. Russia’s population is very diversified.

The few locations in Russia that you can explore are listed below.

1. Church of Andrew the Apostle

Church of Andrew the apostle in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Russian architect Andrei Rotinov created the Russian Orthodox Church of Andrew the Apostle. In the centre of the lake, a little stone island called Vuoksa is located about two hours north of St. Petersburg and barely protrudes over the water. The island is so tiny that a cutely perched wooden chapel virtually occupies the entire surface area.

The lovely, charming small chapel is open for marriages and baptisms by appointment, but no regularly scheduled services or masses are held there.

2. Bolshoi Zayatsky Island

Bolshoi Zayatsky island in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Russia’s white sea is home to the Solovetsky Islands, remote and exotic, with exquisitely barren landscapes and only a few hundred people. Due to the enigmatic labyrinths of ancient provenance scattered throughout its grounds, Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, in particular, seems right out of a fantasy story.

3. Dargavs village

Dargavs village in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The “City of the Dead,” a mediaeval cemetery, is properly so named and is located just outside the isolated Russian village of Dargavs. People who resided in the valley interred their loved ones at the old cemetery in the town of Dargavs, along with their clothing and other things. The cemetery has about 100 old stone crypts, and the valley is 17 kilometres long.

4. Bunker 42

Bunker 42 in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Bunker 42 offers the option to travel back to the Cold War era of global history. As you explore the museum and participate in a mock nuclear bomb explosion, you’ll experience a peculiar sense of unsettling security.

5. Izmailovo Kremlin

Izmailovo Kremlin in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Izmailovo Kremlin is where you may get a kitsch-style touch of Russian culture. You can stroll, eat pancakes, and visit a flea market to purchase Russian trinkets or vintage items. Visit the nearby Moscow State Museum-Reserve Izmailovo, a legitimate historical landmark.

6. Psychedelic salt mines

Psychedelic salt mines in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The salt mine’s miles-long, meandering labyrinthine tunnels are now mostly deserted and are only accessible with a government permit.

Even though it isn’t accessible to the general public, perhaps you could arrange a special permit, gather some flashlights, descend a few hundred feet, and have a look for yourself. Bringing your psychedelics is probably neither required nor encouraged.

7. Temple of all religions

Temple of all religions in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The excellent location that mixes the world’s major religions is Kazan, the capital city of the Tatarstan Republic. It goes by the Temple of All Religions, the Temple of the Seven Religions, or the Universal Temple.

8. Kizhi Island

Kizhi island in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Kizhi is an island located in the northernmost portion of Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia. The Kizhi architectural ensemble, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is among the historical, architectural, and ethnographic museum-reserve exhibits.

Kizhi Island, a must-see site in Russia, is home to a fantastic collection of wooden architecture masterpieces. Kizhi is the most visited island in Russia.

9. Altai

Altai in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Russia’s Altai region is stunning. This land has historical and cultural sites, mirror-like lakes, and snow-capped mountains.

The rare cat species known as the snow leopard calls the Altai region home. One of the world’s most elusive cats is the snow leopard, and it can be found on hard rocks up to 5000 metres above sea level.

The “Golden Mountains of Altai” are collectively known as the Altai and Katun reserves, Ukok Plateau, and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10. Olkhon Island

Olkhon island in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

It is highly known for its gorgeous island, tourist attractions, and historical battles. Olkhon Island, Russia’s largest lake island, is a well-liked weekend getaway because of its breathtaking natural surroundings and small population.

Olkhon Island has breathtaking scenery that is unmatched. This is especially true for Olkhon Island’s northern section, where you may enjoy the magnificent and memorable panoramic vistas of the bottomless sea (Lake Baikal). For both landscape photographers and nature enthusiasts, it is the perfect location. Untouched fauna, unexplored forests, and breathtaking vistas can all be found here.

11. Suzdal

Suzdal in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Suzdal is a highly well-liked tourist attraction known for its numerous churches and monasteries and the atmosphere of good, old Russia. The Kremlin, Saviour Monastery of St. Euthymius, Intercession Convent, and Museum of Wooden Architecture are a few of Suzdal’s top tourist attractions. Suzdal has 305 monuments and listed structures, including 30 churches, 14 bell towers, and five convents and monasteries.

In reality, Russians are pleasant, welcoming, and helpful people. Russia has a lot to offer, whether new arrivals appreciate the outdoors or prefer the conveniences of city life. In Russia, especially in the major cities, there are numerous social events and sporting opportunities.

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