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by Feb 5, 2023

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Nearly half of Belarus, famously known as “The lungs of Europe,” is blanketed in wetlands and historical forests. Belarus is acknowledged as one of the world’s famous locations for religious travel. Foreign visitors come here to personally witness the locations of legendary battles in which their ancestors took part.

Travelling to Belarus any time of year is lovely for its fascinating history and great architecture. With its varied landscape and love of natural heritage and wildlife, Belarus would be the ideal destination for adventure seekers. Come and explore everything Belarus offers, regardless of whether it’s your first or fifth trip here.

1. Minsk City

Minsk City, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

Minsk city, known as the capital of Belarus, is in the region of Minsk. Tourists may enjoy a variety of attractions in Minsk City. In the evening, wandering into Independence square, which is to be known as one of the largest public squares in all the Europe, will allow the visitors to enjoy the lovely fountains and dancing lights.

Independence Avenue, which serves as the city’s primary thoroughfare and is home to clubs, music events, cafes, restaurants, and shopping possibilities, is another must-see location. A visit to the National art museum will help you view the works of art created by Belarusian and foreign experts and participate in engaging, dynamic events. Its galleries frequently host exhibitions by well-known artists from other nations.

Amidst all of its hardships, Minsk continues to be a stunning city that embodies both the insight of the ancient and the spirit of the present.

2. Island of Tears

Island of Tears, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

A lovely and emotional memorial is on a tiny island in the centre of the river in Minsk. This moving memorial in Minsk honours the Soviet soldiers of Belarus who sacrificed their lives in the prolonged war against Afghanistan in the 1970s. Numerous statues of weeping or silent women are at the base, expressing the anguish and agony of the mothers, sisters, and wives of their time. It’s a highly remarkable monument that gains from its lovely setting on a tiny island in the river Sivulich A footbridge connecting from Ulitsa Starovilenskaya in Minsk’s old Trinity neighbourhood connects to the island.

You can reach the monument anytime by crossing the narrow bridge from the riverbed. In the centre of the memorial complex is the chapel built to commemorate the soldiers-internationalists whose 771 names of dead are listed on the walls. The sculpture of an angel in tears is another component of the memorial, and he weeps because he is powerless to defend and keep the Belarusian soldiers alive. The names of the Afghani regions where the Soviet troops fought are carved into ancient stones sprinkled throughout the island’s surface, and these boulders date back to the Glacial Period.

The Island of Tears is a memorial that honours all fallen Belarusian troops throughout history and the fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan War.

3. National Park Pripyatsky

National Park Pripyatsky, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

National Park Pripyatsky is one of the four national parks of Belarus and is also known as the Belarus Amazon due to its broad-leaved forests. It is currently one of Belarus’s most visited tourist spots. Extensive swamps, expansive inundated plains, oak woods, and wide-ranging forests are among the diverse flora and animals found in the large region of the Belarusian Amazon. The Pripyat Polesie region, which has the most significant complex of forests and marshes on the continent and is the finest at producing oxygen, is the lungs of Europe.

An awe-inspiring number of creatures can be seen in their native habitat there. Thus, wild nature lovers go there for fascinating photo safaris. The park allows tourists for photo safaris, sightseeing tours, boat tours, ecological conferences, fishing, and hunting. The spectacular Nature Museum in the National Park Pripyatsky effectively depicts the landscapes of Belarusian Polesie with its inhabitants at various seasons of the year. The museum has accumulated rich specimens of large-hoofed animals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and a herbarium of unique Belarusian flora.

4. Lida Castle- A visit to the fairy tale

Lida Castle, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

Dream of being in a medieval fantasy? Dive deep into the legends and secrets of Lida Castle. Lida is the home of Lida castle, located in the west of Belarus. The castle is renowned for its trapezoidal shape and deep-purple walls, which are the product of elaborate brickwork.

In addition, Lida has a significant Jewish population, and there are numerous Jewish restaurants and shops. There is also a Jewish memorial stone honouring those who sacrificed in the Second World War. The castle was gradually demolished for a century before being identified as having historical significance at the turn of the 20th century. Today, the castle of Lida offers many exciting programs for children and adults.

Numerous excursions, including thematic ones, are available to tourists. History and medieval culture fanatics will not be disappointed!

5. Brest Railway Museum

Brest Railway Museum, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

The railway museum in Brest, Belarus, a quirky and whimsical location close to the country’s southwestern border, comprises 56 trains and includes steam locomotives, steam cranes, diesel trains, and even a snow plough! The first open-air museum in Belarus debuted in 2002 with a display about train travel in that nation. The museum is the main attraction in the city; it displays many iconic locomotives, railways, and rescue and safety equipment of those periods. Currently, the museum is also used for shooting various films and festivals.

Check the lists when you visit to see what’s happening throughout the year, as numerous festivals are held there. If you’re in Brest and looking for something a little different, this place is worth a visit.

6. Polotsk – the Most Ancient City in Belarus

Polotsk, top-rated tourist attractions in Belarus - World Holiday Vibes, Good Vibes Only

Polotsk is the oldest town in Belarus and is located in the Vitebsk province, north of the nation. Historical structures and monuments may be found all over Podolsk. Like many other cities in Belarus, Polotsk was constructed around a river. The beautiful site of Polotsk is where the Polota River runs into the Dvina.

The places of interest that have emerged due to the colourful history of Polotsk intrigue with a variety of cultural events. One of these is the “St. Sophia’s Bells” international organ music festival, held each November in the Cathedral of St. Sophia. A chamber music festival is also organised in April, where modern music is conducted.

Polotsk is a topographical anomaly in addition to having a solid historical and cultural landscape. The local leaders have built a monument to commemorate their assertion that Polotsk is the geographic centre of Europe.

At first glance, Belarus might not seem like the most exciting place to visit, but if you look closely, you will discover a lot to see and do around this landlocked country. Belarus always satisfies its visitors, and Belarus will be a perfect treat to the eyes of history lovers.

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