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by Feb 6, 2023

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Have you ever desired to work with glass and crystal? It is a beautiful experience as well as a challenging one. If you have ever wondered where to experience this art, you’re fortunate to find this article.

You may find all the glass and crystal you could ever desire in this Kingdom and the opportunity to manufacture some of your own.

The Swedish Kingdom of Crystal (Swedish: Glasriket, the glass realm) is worth the visit. With crystal and glass as the central topics, you can blow glass, visit workshops, shop, stay, and enjoy there.

You could tour the factories and studios that create everyday glassware and top-notch glass art. You’re welcome to witness how glass is made in the furnaces!

Master the skills of glassblowing

Master the skills of glassblowing - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

In your excursion to the Kingdom of crystal, you can learn the art and master the skill of glassblowing. The art and science of glassblowing involve sculpting molten glass into a wide range of patterns and items, from tiny works of art to glass panes. Isn’t it amazing that you can be a glassblower in just one day? Yes! The glassblowers are super friendly and teach you the craft in ten simple steps. Free blowing and Mold blowing are the two primary methods used in glassblowing. A reliable glassblowing supplier can suggest further supplies and tools to get you going. When speaking with suppliers, inquire about special discounts on a basic beginning package.

Please make reservations one week in advance of your visit.

Visit the place of Kosta Boda glasses manufactured

Visit the place of Kosta Boda glasses manufactured - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Kosta Boda creates magic here. From Bertil Vallien‘s sand-cast glass boats to an Orrefors crystal gear changer produced especially for Volvo. Here, you may watch glassblowers create stemmed wine glasses by hand while performing a choreographed dance or watch a group of artisans work on more intricate items.

Visit the Kosta Boda Art Gallery to buy works by artists like Vallien or go to the Kosta Outlet for more reasonably priced items.

Pay a visit to the glass museum

Pay a visit to the glass museum - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Glass “tells a story,” According to Maja Heuer, director of The Glass Factory, a dynamic glass museum whose goal is to act as a knowledge hub and creative gathering place for artists, designers, and visitors. For that purpose, The Glass Factory is doubling the size of its studio area and hosting many regional and international artists. Maja remarked that “the makers contribute cultural vitality and excitement.”

Enjoy the benefits of the Kosta Boda Art Hotel and Spa

Enjoy the benefits of the Kosta Boda Art Hotel and Spa - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Exhausted from the tour around the city? The Kosta Boda Art Hotel provides a unique opportunity to sleep in rooms created by Swedish artists and is a fantastic place to relax. Ulrica Hyndman Vallien‘s glass vases and dramatic, amusing artworks adorned our room.

The spa, which has a beautiful pool, sauna, and relaxation room, is a must-visit. Try the famous hot glass massage, in which warm glass disks are massaged over your entire body to reach ecstasy.

After that, enjoy aquavit at the stunning Glass Bar, where the 3.5-ton transparent cobalt bar gives you the impression that the sea is all around you. A delectable, artistic dinner experience is provided by Linnea Art Restaurant, making it a worthy way to round off your enchanted day.

Swedish antiques to treasure

Swedish antiques to treasure - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

If purchasing Swedish home goods is on your to-do list, Glasriket has a wide selection of homeware-style items and ornamental artefacts. Most glassworks have factory stores, many of which have sold hand-blown products recently. Some can be obtained via larger retailers’ internet stores, while others have their websites.

Nature serves as a significant source of inspiration for much of Swedish design. For instance, Orrefors Kosta Boda‘s logo features berries, snowballs, and flowers. The raspberry-shaped candle holder “Hallon,” created by Anne Nilsson, is one of its best-selling products. Additionally, keep an eye out for the classic Ulrica Hyndman Vallien designs from Kosta Boda, many of which have quirky details like flowers and birds.

Dine and rest in the Glasriket way

Dine and rest in the Glasriket way - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

One of the most typical dishes in Glasriket is called “Hyattsville” (hot-shop herring), which is made with local ingredients, including pickled herring, crisp-fried bacon, “interband” (smoked pork sausage), and lingonberry jam. Try this dish at Kosta and Pukeberg‘s in-house restaurants, among others.

Why not stay the night to experience the Glasriket vibe truly? The Grimsnäs Herrgrd is a more comfortable option, while the Kosta Boda Art Hotel is decorated with lovely items and has a glass-only bar.

Visit the Swedish Glass Museum in Vaxjo to cap off the trip. It documents the history of Sweden’s glassworks and the beautiful creations they have produced over time.

Tour the James Bond Museum

Tour the James Bond Museum - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Are you an admirer of James Bond? Then this Museum is a perfect treat for your eyes. Bond lovers will like this unique Museum of James Bond artefacts, resulting from one man’s lifelong obsession with 007. The entrance fee is a tad high. The complex near Nybro is home to a wide range of objects, including vehicles, aircraft, and even a gondola from Venice!

The glassworks at “The Kingdom of Crystal” (Glasriket) welcomes you to explore through a variety of activities and offers you plenty of opportunities to stock up on traditional Swedish home goods.

Isn’t it lovely that when you return to your homeland from Glasriket, you can get souvenirs made from your own hands from the glasses offered by the Kingdom of crystal.

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