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by Jan 7, 2023

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Today we will tick off one of my favourite lists, and I call it the “EUROPEAN FOODIE BUCKETLIST“. You can tick along with me if you have tried out these in any of those countries, or no worries, you can tick the list one by one by getting onboard with me and spending your best holidays ever with the BEST FOOD! Let’s dive in!

Pierogi, Poland

Pierogi, best food in Poland - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Poland has many amazing delights, but “eating pierogi” should be the number one on your list of priorities. Anything may be used as a filling for these little dumplings; popular combinations include potato and cheese, beef and cabbage, and simple vegetables. They are frequently served with sour cream or fried onion on top. Famous dessert pierogi includes fruit and sweet cheese fillings.

Mmm, yum!

Pot-au-feu, France

Pot au feu, best food in France - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

One of those countries where it’s nearly hard to choose just one delicious cuisine in France. Having made significant contributions to fine dining, the French are the epitome of culinary tradition, and if you ask someone to choose one meal that best represents France, they’ll probably say pot-au-feu. A tasty broth prepared from marrowbone is served with stew created with beef and vegetables, including carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, and onions. Does it make your mouth water? It is! The most fabulous season to eat this French classic is winter. Small eateries on narrow lanes in ski towns like Chamonix are a perfect location to get it.

Pelmeni, Russia

Pelmeni, best food in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The Russian version of boiled dumplings is called Pelmeni, also referred to as Russia‘s national dish. Small bite-sized treats called Pelmeni are prepared from unleavened dough stuffed with minced beef or fish with seasonings like onion, garlic, and pepper. They are typically served with a side of sour cream. However, this may differ depending on the area you visit. If you find yourself in Siberia, where the Siberian-style Baikal fish Pelmeni is said to have originated, make sure to eat this delicacy.

Bramborák, Czechia

Bramborák, best food in Czechia - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This dish is just a potato pancake, but it is exceptionally delicious. Egg, seasonings, and grated potato are mixed and then cooked in a skillet. It is a typical countrywide street food snack; some local varieties include cabbage or meat in the pancake.

Tavče gravče, North Macedonia

Tavče gravče, best food in North Macedonia - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This straightforward, conventional dish occasionally referred to as the nation’s national dish, packs a flavourful punch from inexpensive, everyday ingredients. A lot of onions, spices, and fresh beans are cooked together in oil and tomato sauce, and it’ll blow your socks off when prepared correctly, cooked, and served in an earthenware pot.

Stroopwafel, Netherlands

Stroopwafel, best food in Netherlands - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Here’s something sweet for you.

A delectable waffle topped with syrup is the national dessert of the Netherlands, perfect for a quick boost. Stroopwafels, readily available across the Netherlands, go well with coffee. Get a few and place each one over your cup one at a time. The waffle will get softer, and the caramel taste inside will melt due to the steam and heat. You will also taste and smell coffee as you bite into it. It’s wonderful! Keep your wits about you to avoid eating many in one sitting, so be careful. Stroopwafels are the ideal food to pick up at the railway station while rushing to your following location.

Gambas al Ajillo, Spain

Gambas al Ajillo, best food in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Gambas al Ajillo is a traditional dish found principally in the south and centre of Spain. Garlic shrimp, also known as Gambas al Ajillo, is one of Spain’s most savoury and tasty meals. But don’t be fooled by the dish’s simplicity; it is one of Spain’s most delectable and well-known delicacies. In addition to the primary ingredients of shrimp, garlic, and olive oil, most recipes also call for dry sherry, sweet Spanish paprika, fresh lemon juice, and parsley, all of which work heavenly together. This is one meal that is unmistakably aromatic and can be loved in Madrid without a doubt.

Potica, Slovenia

Potica, best food in Slovenia - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The delicious snack known as potica is prepared from leavened dough rolled with different fillings. Poppy seed, hazelnut, tarragon, and ground walnut are common ingredients in defining poticas. They resemble spirals that alternate between light and dark and curl in on themselves. Poticas are very well-liked on significant religious holidays, particularly Easter. This custom has been carried over by Slovenian immigrant populations to the United States, making potica widely available. For a great variation on this well-known meal, look for ones prepared with tarragon.

Enjoy a potica with a water view if you’re travelling to Koper on the Adriatic Coast for a romantic getaway.

Lakror, Albania

Lakror, best food in Albania - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

This meal combines Turkish börek with Greek spanakopita, a flaky, buttery pastry typically filled with a combination of spinach or leek, egg, and yoghurt. It is frequently prepared by grandmothers but is also a typical street meal sold in bakeries. Although it may be found all across the nation, it is commonly accessible in the alpine city of Korç. Sounds simple, yet scrumptious!

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