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Ahoy matey! I am Aakifa Kellen, a Vibes Group UK content writer. I view travelling as a carbon copy of a lovely picture. Adding colours is all one has to do. Deciding the colours and where to colour them is the painter’s choice. My imagination of travel is a wall of pictures with fairy lights and twinkles in between that lights up life when I add new colours to the wall. Fascinating, isn’t it? That is why I write about travel blogs. Writing about them makes me share my interest with you and let you know the top travel destinations you can tenderly be around the world. I connect via time spent travelling and making memorable moments!

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Conquer the Cloaked Corners of Europe!

Conquer the Cloaked Corners of Europe!

One of the continents which offers so much to explore, and experience is Europe, but if you have already been to those must-visit cities such as Paris, London, Rome, or Barcelona, why don't you try...