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by Mar 13, 2023

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The youngest country in Europe! Declaring its independence in February 2008, this untouched land is the youngest in Europe. With rugged beauty, classic architecture, pristine beaches, and holy historical sites, the untouched natural land makes it absolutely worth a visit to visitors. And that youngest nation in Europe is KOSOVO!

Time to Get to Know About Kosovo!

Kosovo, which was once part of Serbia, declared its independence in February 2008. Kosovo is a less popular travel destination in Europe and a hidden treasure.

Except for the northern regions, where many residents are of Serbian descent, the majority of the population of Kosovo is ethnically Albanian. The official currency is Euro, and the language spoken is mostly Albanian and some Serbian. Also, English and German are spoken throughout the nation. This nation has so much to offer travellers, whether they are nature or culture lovers.

Moving on, what can one do in Kosova? Let me spill that for you! Read on, and prepare your itinerary with at least a few from the list so you can explore all in one place – attractions, food, culture, and traditions!

Everything About Pristina – the Capital City!

Explore Pristina, the Capital City of Kosovo - Youngest country in Europe - low cost vibes blog

The best tourist destination in Kosovo is the attractive capital city of Pristina. The city has a lot to offer besides its stunning architecture, coffee shops, and nightlife.

Within the city lies the National Library of Kosovo, which is renowned for its intriguing and “very ugly” architecture. Although the building’s facade might capture hearts, the library is home to over 100,000 books and occupies a space of over 16,500 square metres. A book lover like me would spend days inside the “ugly” place!

In Pristina, there is also the Newborn Monument. Kosovo is the youngest nation in Europe because it attained independence in 2008. The Newborn monument was built to create honour on the occasion of Kosovo’s anniversary. Every year, the monument is given a creative coat of colour for its anniversary!

Other landmarks in Pristina are the clock tower, the Bill Clinton statue, and the Ottoman Bath. Pristina is unquestionably one of the greatest cities in Kosovo to visit since it provides a wide variety of real cultural experiences.

The List of Must-visits!

Ruins of Kalaja Fortress

Ruins of Kalaja Fortress must visit places in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

If you desire to travel back in time, this is the thing to do in Prizren, Kosovo. You can discover a lot on this historic site. The Ottomans, who controlled the ancient fortress, had social gatherings here. As you tour the fortress, also called the Prizren Fortress, you might start wondering how people lived in those days. The hilltop fortification, which was inhabited during the Bronze Age, looks out over the Prizren River – making it a fantastic spot to sink in and experience history!

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina must visit places in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

In the Balkans, bears used to be caged for entertainment. Fortunately, this practice is prohibited now, and this sanctuary sheltered many rescued bears. Since the sanctuary’s opening in 2013, it has taken in 19 bears that were rescued from abusive conditions.

Usually, it takes an hour to go around the area, but that depends on how long you want to stop and admire the cuddly bears. There is also a children’s playground and a cute tiny café within the sanctuary.

Gazivoda Lake

Gazivoda Lake must visit places in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

The largest and most scenic lake in Kosovo is Gazivoda Lake, which is so big that it even exceeds the Serbian border. It is a man-made lake created in 1977 to provide irrigation and drinking water to Kosovo’s central and northern regions.

The lake houses various aquatic species, with an average depth of around 100 metres. If you don’t mind the temperature of the water, it is also the ideal location to go swimming in the wild! There are several places to go mountain biking, as well as a few beaches along the lake where you can unwind and have a picnic.

National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna

National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna must visit places in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

The Western Kosovo region is home to the well-known national park Bjeshkët E Nemuna. Over 63,000 hectares in size, the National Park offers stunning beauty with steep hills, shimmering lakes, and lush woods. Fishing, sightseeing, hiking, and even mountain climbing are a few of the most popular things to do here. This area has the tallest peak in the nation, which requires a strenuous hike. The majestic mountain, known as Gjeravica, rises to 2656 metres above sea level.

The Mirusha Falls

Mirusha Falls must visit places in Kosovo, perfect spot for an outdoor day trip - low cost vibes blog

The Mirusha waterfalls are a collection of waterfalls in the Mirusha Park in central Kosovo. Over time, the waterfalls created canyons and caverns, which are now a highlight of the nation. These small yet lovely waterfalls drop over the rocks into a deep, swimming-friendly pool. The falls, roughly midway between Pristina and Peja, is accessible from the village of Gremnik by a pleasant 30-minute walk through agricultural terrain – making it the perfect setting for an outdoor day trip!


Although there are many fast-food chains across the nation, traditional Albanian cuisine is still a mainstay on every family’s table in Kosovo – you’ll only know why when you get a bunch of it!

Lakror Me Hithra

Lakror Me Hithra, top traditional Albanian cuisine in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

Cabbage and nettle pie – undoubtedly one of Albanian cuisine’s most characteristic dishes is cabbage and nettle pie. This recipe has been through the generations and astounds everyone who tries it.

Pite Me Spinaq

Pite Me Spinaq, top traditional Albanian cuisine in Kosovo - low cost vibes blog

A typical spinach pie in Albania is Pite Me Spinaq. It is one of the most common pies and is particularly good when prepared with homemade filo. It can be either hot or cold, but its juices are best absorbed into the pastry when cooled.

With Kosovo, the list could go on and on. To feel more of you and leave the bustle of the city, or get connected to nature, stick to whatever your heart longs for – cause Kosovo has it all!

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