by Oct 25, 2022

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On Halloween, everyone is entitled to at least one good fright. “Something horrible is approaching.” With a bag of candy in hand, ghosts are trick-or-treating down the neighbourhood.

Corinaldo, a quaint mediaeval village in Italy’s Marche region, is also referred to as the “Capital of Halloween”. Here, on October 31st each year, La Notte delle Streghe, or the Night of the Witches, is celebrated.

On your trip, there is a lot to see and experience in Corinaldo, including history and culture, religion, nature, and culinary and wine traditions. Don’t forget to attend the eerie Witches’ Feast at Halloween in Corinaldo in late October for a spooky experience in one of Italy’s most enigmatic locations!

This Halloween, visit Corinaldo, a walled town in northern Italy’s Le March area, to learn about the gruesome mediaeval era. It must be excellent if this town calls itself the Capital of Halloween! Festa delle Streghe, or the festival of the witches, is held in the town during the final week of October and is a wonderfully spooky celebration. This celebration, which celebrates all things eerie, offers spooky amusements and entertainment. Halloween night is the week’s high point since the town’s residents put on a musical and fireworks display to celebrate.

What more could make an ideal Halloween event?

Why is Halloween celebrated in Italy?

The day is devoted to remembering all martyrs and saints who gave their lives to uphold Catholicism. Although the event may seem sad, the day itself is joyful. Depending on local custom, many Italians attend a special midday Mass following a vibrant parade through the city centre.

This is a time to visit the graves of loved ones and pay respects by planting the customary funeral flower, chrysanthemums. Undoubtedly, you will see folks tidying up and adorning loved ones’ graves in the weeks leading up to All Saints and All Souls Day. Nevertheless, certain customs are region-specific as well.

Even though Halloween is still not an official national holiday in Italy, it is quickly growing in popularity there. All Saints’ Day is observed in Italy on November 1st, and All Souls’ Day is observed on November 2nd.

In cities all around Italy, you may see carved pumpkins, youngsters in costumes racing through the piazzas, and advertisements for Halloween parties at neighbourhood. It’s safe to argue that because the festivities are so widespread, Halloween has been adopted by Italian society.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel to Italy this Halloween, you can count on seeing spooky costumes and decorations covering storefronts. Children celebrate on October 31st by attending daytime costume parties at their friends’ or school homes.

Italians prefer to dress up during Carnival, which occurs just before Lent. Children frequently dress up in costumes and scatter confetti. Who among children would pass up the chance to dress

up for Halloween? In October, you’ll also see some superheroes and witches playing in their costumes after school.

Of course, Halloween and dolcetto o scherzetto, or “trick or treat,” are hugely popular among children in Italy. Door-to-door sales are not practised in this area, but some establishments embrace the holiday by throwing Halloween-themed evenings where children may run around in costumes. The trick-or-treating occasions are typically conducted in museums, amusement parks, or marketplaces, and they resemble carnivals more than anything else.

Are you interested in learning more? By reading this article further, discover what additional Italian customs are associated with the night of the living dead.

Take a ghost tour.

Italy is acclaimed for its delicious cuisine around the world and rich culture. But like every nation with a fascinatingly rich past, Italy has monsters, murders, and mysteries. Italy will not disappoint you if you plan to take a ghost tour this Halloween.

Visit the city of witches.

Triora, often known as the City of Witches, is about three and a half hours away from the centre of Milan. This interior town is well-known for its 16th-century witch trials, located in northwest Italy and close to the French border.

An outdoor amusement park is open for Halloween in Corinaldo.

Corinaldo transitions from being the most picturesque town in Italy to serving as the nation’s Halloween capital throughout the final weekend of October. Since 1998, the town’s historic district has been converted into a gloomy, horrifying environment filled with candles, cobwebs, pumpkins, intriguing landscapes, and frightful figures on Halloween. There are several entertainment options for the event on the streets, as well as music, fire performances, and attractions like the Tunnel of Fear and other spooky locations.

Celebrate your fall at Halloween's Hotspot Corinaldo - Low Cost Vibes Blog
Celebrate your fall at Halloween's Hotspot Corinaldo - Low Cost Vibes Blog
Celebrate your fall at Halloween's Hotspot Corinaldo - Low Cost Vibes Blog
Celebrate your fall at Halloween's Hotspot Corinaldo - Low Cost Vibes Blog

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