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by Dec 8, 2022

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The idea of Croatia as a destination for an active getaway is growing. While sailing has already been mentioned, what about a trip focused on cycling, kayaking, long-distance swimming, or hiking? Would you like to spend a week or two at one of the tennis camps in the nation? Or you can participate in various other sports or hobbies, like triathlons or skiing.

In all of Europe, the Croatian coast is the most magnificent. This wonderful region has hundreds of islands, beautiful cultural cities, picturesque ports, gorgeous landscapes, and more than 2,500 hours of sunlight annually.

While many nations have stunning natural settings, Croatia stands out for having a tremendously varied terrain that includes mountains, lakes, rivers, the Adriatic Sea, forests, and several islands.

Given its coastal position, Croatia boasts many unique foods, but its top-notch seafood is likely it is most well-known culinary offering.

1. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

You can explore authentic historical history in Dubrovnik because it has been so wonderfully maintained.

But there’s a lot more to this metropolis than that. You may explore authentic, remarkably well-preserved historical history in Dubrovnik. Visit this location in May or September to enjoy the regal ambience.

If you love Game of Thrones, you already know this location. Dubrovnik is the genuine King’s Landing in the well-known television series. But there’s a lot more to this metropolis than that.

2. Montenegro

Montenegro, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Even the pickiest tourists and adventurers will enjoy Montenegro‘s exciting differences. With its breathtaking landscape, commanding mountains, enticing Adriatic Sea, charming villages, top-notch cuisine, and vibrant history and culture.

3. Zagreb

Zagreb, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Even though Croatia’s coastline areas are pretty famous, especially in the hot summer months, the nation’s capital is a must-see. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is one of the oldest cities in the area and is situated along the Sava River in the country’s northwest.

Zagreb is a fantastic culinary feast with all of its eateries. Explore the area’s streets and select a restaurant of your choosing.

Agava is a suggested option because of its lovely terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of this charming neighbourhood. In the sunny evenings of the summer, savour the best of Croatian cuisine by candlelight!

4. Krapina – Zagorje

Krapina-Zagorje, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

This region has a royal background, reflected in the architecture of the numerous castles and grand residences that adorn the picturesque countryside. The county of Krapina Zagorje is highly known for its castles, Krapina Neanderthal, and thermal springs transformed into sophisticated baths with good hotels and a wide range of culinary options.

5. Opatija

Opatija, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The most extensive coastal walkway and a tonne of excellent eateries and shops can be found in Opatija. In contrast, Rijeka’s extensive history allows travellers to tour historic churches and other landmarks.

Opatija is a unique attraction in Croatia because of its magnificent architecture, delectable cuisine, and broad entertainment and activities. Because of this, it’s a good holiday option for everyone—adults, teenagers, and kids.

6. Split

Split, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Split is the ideal starting point for day travel around Croatia because of its good ferry connections and proximity to other coastal cities.

Without a doubt, it is beneficial to travel to Split. Tourists can enjoy a range of sights in the second-largest city in Croatia, including the historical buildings inside the Palace of Diocletian, a World Heritage Site. The city is also awash in culture and home to several excellent museums.

The second-largest city in Croatia, Split, is renowned for its historical landmarks, fine-sand beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Split, which receives millions of tourists yearly along with Dubrovnik, is the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia.

7. Pula

Pula, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Choose Pula, Croatia, for your upcoming city getaway. Following Split and Dubrovnik, it makes sense to choose it. It has a relaxed, international vibe. Magnificent Roman ruins can be seen here. And it nevertheless has a welcome air of realism. The little, charming old town rivals any in Croatia. But the considerable cranes in its shipyard show a bustling city. Eating in Pula is enjoyable thanks to the Venetian influence and quality of local products. The world’s largest producer of olive oil is Istria. The oil that is produced here also has a warm, spicy kick. Long-lived natives advise taking a teaspoon each day.

8. Vodice

Vodice, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

One of the most well-known locations for a beach vacation in Dalmatia is Vodice, a stunning seaside town in Croatia located on the Sibenik Riviera. Visitors adore the vibrant nightlife, almost tacky turquoise-blue beaches, and charming old town, which charms with its distinctive beauty.

Vodice has a lot to offer visitors regarding sites, events, beaches, cuisine, and hospitable locals. Consider Vodice while searching for an ideal summer destination on the Adriatic that is away from the busy tourist regions.

9. Zadar

Zadar, best holiday destinations in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Zadar is worth a visit if you’re considering travelling there!

This is one of Croatia’s most beautiful towns. In addition to having a lovely ambience, it offers access to fantastic beaches and islands.

Zadar has so many hidden gems to explore that it may dazzle even seasoned travellers. One of the numerous triumphal arches in the Historic Town, the Renaissance-era Land Gate, is a part of the city’s old defence system and is included as a Unesco World Heritage Site

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