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by Dec 7, 2022

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Spain is a popular tourist destination due to its warm weather, stunning beaches, and exciting food scene.

The best-known locations in Spain are well-liked for a reason, but it’s also packed with undiscovered gems, making it the ideal location for tourists searching for a European vacation. Culture Trip has compiled the best of both worlds, from bustling cities to sleepy mountain towns. Spain is a country that will enchant you for various reasons as soon as you arrive. If you are a wanderlust, now is the time to pack your bags and buy a one-way ticket to Spain.

The best destinations to make you yearn for a Spanish trip are listed here.


Almeria, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Almeria, the nation’s capital, is situated in Andalusia, southeast Spain. Aside from being one of the most fertile agricultural regions in all of Europe, it also has 200 kilometres of the Mediterranean coastline and other natural resources like the sea, desert, and arid lands.

The Sierra Mara-Los Velez Nature Reserve, with its fortress, and the Cabo de Gata-Njar Nature Reserve, with its endless pristine beaches and cliffs, are significant.

The rock paintings at Los Velez and the Phoenician city of Villaricos are just a few of the significant archaeological monuments that make up its historical and aesthetic heritage. The nation’s capital, Almeria, and the film studios, where more than 200 movies and television shows have been produced, should be noticed by tourists.


Asturias, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

A land of contrasts, Asturias is located in northwest Spain and is divided from the Castilian Plateau by the Cantabrian Mountains. The region, formerly a hub of mining and industry, has acquired the moniker “Natural Paradise” since a third of its land is now under environmental protection.

Asturias has a variety of woodlands, including oak, beech, chestnut, and birch, as well as a largely undeveloped shoreline. With various turquoise blue waters, its beaches come in diverse shapes and sizes. Majestic cliffs and lush pastures encircle them.


Badajoz, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Travelling further via the Land of Barros, Merida, and the Cornalvo Nature Reserve can be started from Badajoz. Even though the ancient citadel of Civitas Pacis was well-known throughout the Roman era, the Moors gave it its current name in the eighth century. You may explore the ancient district’s Arab walls, intriguing monuments, and charming streets and patios. Additionally, Badajoz is a great place to begin further journeys to the Land of Barros, Mérida, and the Cornalvo Nature Reserve. You can sample the delectable food of Extremadur in all of these.


Bilbao, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The largest city in Spain’s Basque Country is Bilbao. It has a milder climate and more rainfall than most of the country because it is located on an estuary 16 kilometres south of the Bay of Biscay. Vizcaya’s capital has seen a boom in tourism, which has boosted the local economy.
One of Spain’s most significant museums is the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art. The Alhondiga is a multipurpose building with a rooftop pool, cafes, and a library. The Gothic Cathedral of Santiago was built in the fourteenth century.


Bornos, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Bornos, with its shining classic whitewashed buildings, is one of the towns in Cadiz with the most comprehensive perspectives. On the other side of the Guadalete River are breathtaking views of the Sierra de Grazalema mountains‘ silhouette. Aside from enjoying a stroll around Bornos’ whitewashed streets, there are a lot of other attractions there. There are majestic residences, convents, the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman, and the Monastery of Santa Mara del Rosario, for instance.

Additionally, this palace has stunning Renaissance gardens designated as Historical Gardens of Cultural Interest. They are embellished with swimming pools, caves, fountains, and a wide variety of flora, drawing inspiration from Bramante’s Belvedere in the Vatican.

Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

In the hilly Campo de Calatrava region, Ciudad Real offers a contemporary design while still retaining the authentic La Mancha flavour.

This city will provide outstanding food centred on the game, cheese, and wine and is now easier to reach thanks to the high-speed rail running between Madrid and Seville. Additionally, its diverse habitats are revealed by the Cabaeros and Las Tablas de Daimiel natural parks.

The Puerta de Toledo, one of the eight gates that opened in the city’s walled territory, is a notable example of La Mancha Mudejar architecture from the 14th century. Two square towers flank its pointed horseshoe arches

La Manga

La Manga, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

La Manga is located on a broad strip of land that divides a sizable saltwater lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea.
Murcia province is where this place is. La Manga is renowned for its fantastic location, top-notch beaches, clean air, and mud baths that heal skin issues.
All access to the Mediterranean Sea is blocked by the Mar Menor, except for a few connecting channels. The lagoon offers calmer seas ideal for safe swimming and is the location of a variety of water sports like skiing, surfing, and diving.

La Palma

Poznan, top places to visit in Poland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

La Palma is regarded as one of the most naturally stunning and unspoiled of the seven Canary Islands. The island is well-liked by travellers interested in ecotourism, walking vacations, and rural tourism and those who wish to unwind in breathtaking natural settings. Los Cancajos to the east, Puerto Naos, and Tazacorte to the west make up the three main tourist areas of La Palma. La Palma’s environment is beautiful, with mountains and volcanoes, beaches and woods, a tropical rainforest, tiny communities, and breathtaking views all crammed onto this small island.


Orihuela, most famous places in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Orihuela provides tourists with three top-notch 18-hole golf courses, a magnificent city centre, and a terrific area to enjoy the sea and sun.

Visitors arrive in the seaside region of the municipality of Orihuela after passing Torrevieja and moving south. There are giant dunes mixed in with little cliffs for fishing and scuba diving. Additionally, the town is home to two marinas nestled in stunning surroundings.

Some tourist destinations that designate this southern route are Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Cape Roig, and Dehesa de Campoamor. Its Historic-Artistic Site contains five National Monuments and an urban design that stems from its historical status as a university centre and episcopal see.

Experiencing new places and meeting new people can be among life’s most exciting and rewarding moments.

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