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by Jun 16, 2022

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The vast majority of the world is uninformed of Albania. Many people are unaware of the fantastic experiences that this country has to offer.

Albania is best known for its tourism industry. Albania is a one-of-a-kind country because of its friendly population, stunning nature, unique heritage, and history. One of the reasons every young visitor should visit Albania is that it is affordable. The country provides the opportunity to see many things, stay in boutique hotels, and eat in good gourmet restaurants while just spending a few euros. Albania may be a small country, but there is enough to see and do in this intriguing new location. While Albania is gradually becoming more popular with tourists, it remains largely unexplored and untouched. Albania has some of the best Ottoman buildings globally, crystal-clear Mediterranean air and beautiful beaches.

The Balkan region comprises various countries, rich in culture and traditions and wonderfully attractive, with plenty of outdoor locations to explore.

The majority of the world is still in the process of learning Albania’s hidden beauties. As a result, I believe that now is the perfect moment to visit the country to experience it in its natural state before it becomes overdeveloped.

Affordable to travel in Europe

Albania should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking cheap holiday options! Everything in Albania is relatively inexpensive. Parks are accessible for activities, and while museums do need tickets, the prices are reasonable. Many stores only accept Albanian lek (the local currency) when shopping, but hotels also accept euros.

Rich culinary culture

Tirana, Albania’s capital, does not have a single McDonald’s! Most capital cities worldwide feature global fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King, but Tirana does not. The reason is that Albanians have a rich culinary culture, and the cooking process is a vital component of that. Thus, quick food has no place or taste! Thankful for countries like Albania!

You pay for what you see on the menu

Albania is one of these countries that charges you the price listed on the menu. When receiving your bill, there are no unpleasant consequences, including extras such as tax and service charges. The menu price is the final pricing. It is also common to serve free bread and a complimentary fruit dish.

In Albania, cash reigns supreme

Albanians appear to prefer cash over credit card payments. While you will be able to pay by card in some high-end restaurants in Tirana, you will be expected to pay in money in other country regions. Even hotels in Albania do not tend to accept cards, so get used to withdrawing cash and carrying currencies in your wallet. Fortunately, ATMs are readily accessible in Albania.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Albania even has a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are well worth a visit. Even if you’re only here for the sea and sun, you may add some cultural sightseeing to your itinerary with daily excursions. Albania has outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Butrint National Park, Gjirokastra, Berat, Ohid, Gashi River, and Rrajca are some UNESCO sites you need to visit. Butrint, one of Albania’s most important archaeological sites, should be the first one to include. Berat is one of the prettiest Balkan cities, called the “City of thousand windows”.

Butrint national park (UNESCO World heritage site)

Himara for beach lovers

If you enjoy beaches, include the Himara area in your itinerary. You will find crystal blue waters and breathtaking vistas on the Albanian coast. Himara is a quaint tiny village that serves as an excellent base for visiting other beaches, including the stunning Gjipe beach.

Theth to Valbona Hike in the Albanian Alps

The Theth to Valbona Hike in the Albanian Alps is a day hike that should be on any hiker’s bucket list. It weaves its way over mountain passes, past lovely alpine meadows, and beneath towering peaks, connecting two spectacular national parks in Albania: Theth and Valbona Valley National Parks.

Most visitors will begin their excursion in Shkoder, and the trek from Shkoder to Theth, followed by the hike and a boat voyage, makes fantastic for a few days of adventures, small mountain settlements, and magnificent views.

Albanian Alps

Mother Teresa Square

Mother Teresa Square is Albania’s second-largest square, and it is named after Mother Teresa, an Albanian-born Indian Roman Catholic nun, missionary, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Mother Teresa Square is one of Tirana’s most popular spots, especially on warm days when the stairs surrounding it are crowded with young people. In addition, several concerts, fairs, and other events are held in this square.

Mother Teresa square

Visit the first school in Albania

Korca, located in the southeast near the Macedonian border, is regarded by Albanians as one of the country’s most intelligent cities. The first school in Albania was found here, where boys and girls studied the Albanian language. The National Education Museum is now housed at the school.

Visit “The Blue Eyes”

The famous Blue Eye of Albania is a water spring and natural phenomenon that every visitor should see. The magnificent light turquoise river, a renowned tourist destination, dazzles with its magnificence, and nature is one of Albania’s most stunning features.

The Blue Eyes (Water spring in Albania)

I hope you enjoyed the article; there is still more to discover in Albania. As a result, please don’t put off planning your visit until this hidden gem becomes overdeveloped, as it is well worth a visit.

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