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by Jun 16, 2022

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Poland is as large as beautiful, stretching from the Baltic Sea’s amber beaches to the High Tatra mountains’ majestic peaks. The central European country features a diverse range of excellent destinations that every traveller would be delighted to visit. If you enjoy being outside, you will adore Poland because it has everything you might desire to see – from magnificent woods and impressive mountain ranges to idyllic sea sides and incredible lakes.

Travelling in Poland is generally safe due to the country’s high ranking on the list of safest countries. Pickpocketing, petty theft, overcharging, and ATM frauds are the only hazards you need to know about.

Despite the impacts of World War II, Poland is a country with a thousand-year history and strong ties to culture and traditions, which has allowed it to preserve its cultural heritage. Polish culture has contributed to western civilisation in art, music, philosophy, literature, and science. Also, according to Poles, no one should be alone during the holidays. As a result, they invite friends or neighbours who are single to supper. Christmas Eve carp, Jewish-style carp, herring, pierogi, and poppy seed cake are classic Christmas delicacies.

A trip to Poland is ideal for a weekend break, a ski excursion, or a relaxing beach vacation. Here are some reasons why Poland should be at the top of your travel wish list, from its breathtaking natural beauty to its rich history and delectable cuisine.

Before I go into the list, I’d like to point out that renting a pocket Wi-Fi in Poland is a must, and Polish Wi-Fi is the safest alternative! It will keep you connected with a fast and stable connection everywhere in Poland.

Do you enjoy trekking or skiing? You may visit the Tatra Mountains in Zakopane.

Do you enjoy swimming? Gdansk, with its gorgeous resorts and beaches, is the place for you.

The scenery is also breathtaking! You can take the train and enjoy the scenery throughout the trip.

Did you know Poland has the largest castle?

The Teutonic Order’s Castle in Malbork is the world’s largest castle by land area. In addition, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Poland, by the way, is home to a whopping 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

One of the most magnificent castles you will ever see is Malbork Castle in Poland. It is enormous, and I mean enormous; it is the world’s largest castle, and the architecture is breathtaking. This castle is unquestionably one of the places you must see in Poland.

The Teutonic Order's Castle in Malbork

Another intriguing fact about Poland that you may not know is that it had the world’s first upside-down house

“The house is crumbling! The house is tumbling!”

A twisty wooden house was built upside down in a wooded area and looked like something out of a fable. Visitors must enter through the attic windows and go through the house’s furnished interior. Hundreds of tourists have visited the house since it opened in 2007, located in the small Polish village of Szymbark, which has about 500 people.

The museum’s goal was to “preserve the heritage of two Lesser Polish families” while also providing a one-of-a-kind venue for exhibiting Polish history. It looks like a cross between an amusement park and a museum, as this tourist attraction offers visitors to relish.

World’s first upside down house

Europe’s largest animal lives in Poland

Bison are the giant terrestrial mammals in Europe, weighing up to 800 kg. Even though they are naturally shy, they can be seen in the wild. Bison is considered the country’s national animal in Poland, and Poland has one of the world’s largest populations. They can be spotted roaming on the 150,000 hectares of Poland’s Bialowieza Primeval Forest.

Europe’s largest animal – Bison

Wolf’s Lair

Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s headquarters near Gyro, is one of the region’s most terrifying locations, attracting many tourists due to its recent historical ties. This site is as egotistical because Wolf was Hitler’s nickname. Deep in the Masurian woodlands, Hitler’s top-secret military headquarters are hidden. When it was functioning, it had three fortified security areas, each defended by land mines and heavily armed personnel. The citadel comprises 80 structures, 50 of which are bunkers. There was an electric power generation, a train station, and an airstrip at the headquarters. The central part of the facility housed prominent Nazi leaders’ quarters and a casino and cinema. The entire region was hidden, with barbed wire and minefields protecting it. The citadel was blown and destroyed by retreating Germans in 1945, and its ruins are exposed to the public now.

Wolf’s lair (Hitler’s headquarters)

Isn’t it true that Poland contains a lot of intriguing facts?

Poland boasts about every type of scenery. The country boasts a long coastline that runs along the Baltic Sea, with various beach towns that both inhabitants and visitors enjoy visiting. The country also has rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, islands, and marshes.

It also has beautiful cities, intriguing cuisine, and rich history, both good and evil. It is far less expensive to travel there than in Western Europe. At the same time, it is not on anyone’s to-do list.

Poland is a true European treasure. You won’t find enormous tourist crowds at any excellent attractions since few visitors are there. While Poland is a fantastic place to splurge on luxury accommodations, there are also many budget-friendly options. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive the hotel is and how affordable is the transportation.

We recommend that you use these suggestions to create a Poland bucket list; we’re confident that you’ll be able to spend weeks in this stunning country!

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