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by Dec 26, 2022

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You might be interested in learning about the northern lights and why they are unique to some parts of the world. In essence, charged particles from the sun colliding with gases in the atmosphere are what cause the light. Particles travel quickly towards Earth when the solar wind occurs.

Depending on the kinds of gases these charged particles hit with, the lights may be different hues. The most frequent auroras are green, produced by oxygen, whereas nitrogen auroras produce red and purple light.

Below listed are some of the top spots to enjoy Northern Lights in Europe

Tromso in Norway

Tromso in Norway, Northern Lights in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

One of the locations in the world where there is an excellent likelihood of viewing the northern lights is Tromso. This is due the best spot is smack dab in the centre of the northern lights oval, the region where there is always some activity related to the northern lights.

Overall, I recommend going to Tromso to see the northern lights. Although seeing the northern lights is still being determined worldwide, Tromso is a great place to try.

Best time to see

The period of the year from the middle of September to the beginning of April is when it is dark enough at night and in the evenings to see the aurora.

The northern lights cannot be seen in the summer in this part of the world because the sun doesn’t set low enough on the horizon. Therefore, you should plan your autumn, winter, or early spring trip.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik in Iceland, Northern Lights in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Some claim that it was a life-changing experience. One of the reasons people travel to Iceland in the winter is to enjoy the Northern Lights, but as they are a natural occurrence, they may be tricky and unexpected. Adventures and one-of-a-kind experiences await around every corner in Iceland, a fantastic winter getaway. Winter will be much more memorable if you have the good fortune to see the enchanting Northern Lights dancing across the sky.

Seltjarnarnes, located in Seltjarnarnes and only five minutes drive from downtown Reykjavik, is one of the most convenient sites to wait for the Northern Lights. Any photographs you may take will be enhanced by the lighthouse itself, which is accessible. You’ll have to share the experience with many residents and visitors even though the sky remains gloomy because the location is so close to the city.

Best time to see

Between September and April is the ideal period to view the northern lights in Iceland. You can occasionally spot them by the end of August, but the residual sunshine makes them incredibly blurry.

Rovaniemi in Finland

Rovaniemi in Finland, Northern Lights in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

At night, the Aurora Borealis brings the Arctic’s true majesty to life. One of the best location to watch the northern lights in Finland is Rovaniemi.

The most daring guests can take a snowmobile tour of the Arctic or lead a team of huskies on an adrenaline-pumping dog sledding adventure during the day.

In Rovaniemi, you don’t need to travel far from the city centre to find a nice spot, and even when artificial light is present, powerful Auroras can be observed. Arctic Garden at the Arktikum science centre and museum beside the Ounasjoki river is a good location close to the heart of Rovaniemi.

Best time to see

From September until April, the Northern Lights season lasts. The seasons are extremely varied since this time includes many natural changes. The beginning is full of spectacular reflections on Finnish lakes towards the end of the summer, followed by the first snowfall, arctic conditions, and polar nights. It ends with a breathtaking display of nature awakening in the early spring.


Sweden, Northern Lights in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Given that it is close to the Arctic Circle and the magnetic north pole, northern Sweden experiences frequent displays of the Northern Lights throughout the winter.

A beautiful location to view the Northern Lights in Sweden is the Abisko national park, home to towering mountains, an alpine lake, and alpine meadows. However, the Aurora Sky Station attracts aurora hunters the most to the park. Experts there will answer questions about the aurora borealis at this observation tower located within the national park, which offers the perfect vantage point for viewing the Northern Lights.

Best time to see

Late September to early March is the finest time in Sweden. Between May and August, the sun doesn’t set very often, making it difficult to witness any aurora displays. A considerably better chance of witnessing the Aurora in Sweden exists during the fall and winter months when the sky grows darker and the nights get longer.

Planning your travel to Sweden in late September or mid-March will boost your chances of viewing the Northern Lights. Your Aurora hunt in Sweden will be more enjoyable at this time of year because solar activity is increasing, you won’t experience the worst cold, and you’ll stay a little warmer.


Scotland, Northern Lights in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Northern Scotland shares a latitude with Nunivak Island in Alaska and Stavanger in Norway, which may surprise you. As a result, you can visit Scotland and have a decent chance of seeing the “Mirrie Dancers” without spending a lot.

Best time to see

Scotland’s darkest months, December through February, are the most significant times to see the northern lights. Christmas may be spent in a lodge, Hogmanay could be celebrated in Edinburgh in January, or you could enjoy drier weather in February.


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