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by Jan 1, 2023

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Moroccan food contains exotic spices, exciting flavours, and creative dishes without getting particularly spicy. Moroccan cuisine has a lengthy history and combines flavours from many different civilisations, most notably Berber and French cuisines and Jewish and Arabic flavours. Try some of these traditiosnal and timeless Moroccan dishes, and let this list tempt your tastebuds with its deliciousness!

1. Tagine

Tagine, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Tagine, a hearty meat-and-vegetable stew cooked for hours in a unique clay pot, is the most well-known dish from Morocco. In Morocco, fresh meat and vegetables like peas, artichokes, and zucchini make the most popular salty tagines. One of the salty Moroccan tagine versions is the well-known chicken with preserved lemon from Morocco.

The majority of tagines are hearty, delicious, and well-balanced lunches. Each Tagine is distinctive and deserving of a try because of the various combinations of veggies, meat, and Moroccan spices. If you are a person who loves spicy food, give it a go!

Not a spicy food fan? We got you covered. The sweet-and-salty tagines, which combine a salty meat stew with caramelised fruits and toasted nuts, are another less spicy version of Moroccan tagines. A delicious sweet-and-salty flavour is a result. Tagines with apricots or raisins are the most popular sweet and savoury tagines.

2. Fish Tagines

Fish Tagines, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Moroccan fish tagines are never flavourless or dull. They are prepared with chermoula, a specialised sauce in which fish is steeped for several hours. The fish is then layered with potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables and simmered to release the flavours. Like the meal with spicy sardines, it can also be grilled. Fish Tagines are one of the famous dishes in Morocco that holiday makers never fail to taste!

3. Couscous

Couscous, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Couscous, a dish made of steamed semolina and topped with a delightful sauce made of meat, veggies, and chickpeas, is another well-known Moroccan food.

The traditional way to consume couscous in Morocco is in large clay bowls with just the right hand being used. Couscous is famous in restaurants and street food stalls all over Morocco.

4. Harira

Harira, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The national soup of Morocco is harira. It’s a delicious soup that’s among the least costly things you can eat in Morocco because it’s made with chickpeas, lentils, tomato puree, and aromatics. You will be pleased and filled if you eat it at night when it gets cool outdoors!

Squeeze a lemon slice into the soup if you prefer a mild acidity in your food. This soup is wonderfully yummy!

5. Moroccan Pastries

Moroccan Pastries, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Find a Moroccan pastry shop and choose from the many traditional sweets Moroccan cuisine offers if you crave a sweet taste and enjoy delicate pastries.

Almonds, peanuts, coconut, honey, and other delightful ingredients are commonly used in Moroccan pastries. The most famous dessert is the Kaaba Laghzal (Gazelle horns), a delicate and fragile pastry created with almonds and orange blossom water. You can also sample the Baghrir, a fluffy Moroccan pancake topped with warm, melted butter and honey and known as the “thousands hole pancake.” This tastes like Heaven!

6. Zaalouk Dip

Zaalouk Dip, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Using eggplant, fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and herbs and spices, including cumin, paprika, parsley, and cilantro, zaalouk, a well-known Moroccan dip, is prepared. Like taktouka, it is frequently served as a side dish to Moroccan fish, poultry, or beef meals or as a dip with crusty bread.

Zaalouk preparations range, but the best ones use roasted eggplant, it gives the food a great smokiness and another level of flavour. It is said that locals and tourists request this dip in restaurants since this dip is flavourful with different spices.

7. Briouats

Briouats, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Small Moroccan pastries called briouats (or briwat) are prepared with various fillings and wrapped in warqa, a paper-thin Moroccan dough. They can be rolled in a triangular or cylindrical shape, baked or fried, sweet or savoury.

Although there are many different recipes, most usually include meat (mainly lamb, beef, or chicken), cheese, onions, and a variety of others. This is my favourite of all these dishes since this has a different texture and taste!

8. Khubz

Khubz, best food in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The significance of bread to Moroccan cuisine and culture becomes apparent after spending a day there, and rice is to Southeast Asians what bread is to Moroccans. It serves as both food and a serving dish for Moroccan tagines, entrees, salads, and side dishes and is consumed with practically every meal.

Although there are many kinds of bread in Morocco, the khubz circular loaf is the most popular. Khubz (or kesra, agroum) is a sort of herb and seasonings like peppers, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, cilantro, and parsley on crusty white bread with a coarse interior and texture. The name “force” is sometimes used to describe this bread in allusion to the French phrase for strong white flour.

This everyday bread is adaptable and can be used to scoop up Moroccan food or to hold grilled meats and other sandwich toppings. This is a famous and everyday meal that satisfies hunger and cravings! Moroccans enjoy eating khubz for breakfast, dipped in olive oil or with honey and soft cheese, and it is the ideal side dish for soups and tagines at lunch and dinner.

What better way to explore everything that Morocco offers in terms of mouthwatering sensations and scents than by taking a cuisine tour? Explore Morocco by visiting the city’s top markets, restaurants, and street food vendors. This article will be helpful for travellers to prioritise tasty and famous foods! Safe travels!

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