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by Dec 20, 2022

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You might be a “snowbird” if you don’t like the gloomy winter days and are considering moving to a warmer region to ride out the storm. There are many locations to visit that have pleasant weather.

The appeal of moving to Europe as a snowbird is that you may use your retreat as a launching point for exploring the entire continent. In other words, if you feel like going skiing, it won’t take you more than a few hours to get there. Similarly, you have easy access to the coast. European snowbirds appreciate the convenience of a cosy home base and the opportunity to visit other climates.

While still others seek out art and monuments, others seek out history. When looking at locations, think about organising your trip around a subject that interests you.

In February and March, extended winter stays are particularly popular at the places on the list below. Since it’s still regarded as off-season in Europe an until late April or May, you’ll also avoid the crowds and score fantastic discounts on long-term rentals and hotels.

Milder regions in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, including Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Italy, Malta, and Cyprus, are ideal for snowbirds. While the weather may not be ideal in any of these locations in December, it often gets better by February and March.

Consider taking a wintertime flight to one of these exotic locations.


Portugal, snowbird destinations in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Are you wishing to shift your icy winter for a pleasant,warm place in Europe with enjoyable activities and fantastic beaches? If you want to become a snowbird and spend the winter in a warm environment, your preferred choice should be Portugal.

Portugal is a large country with a lengthy border with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. The north and the south and coastal and inland regions experience very different wintertime temperatures.

It has a mild environment along its coasts and is often affordable, especially in the winter. Another aspect that draws snowbirds to Portugal is the country’s reputation as a premier golf destination.

Large towns like Lisbon and Porto have many attractions to see and do. Winter or summer doesn’t matter where that is. You’ll usually find special deals that enable you to take advantage of them for significantly less money than average during the winter. All cultural sites, including museums and castles, are accessible.

Portugal boasts reasonable costs for food and beverages. High-end eateries and those found in high-demand areas will cost more than anywhere else. Always remember to look around a little outside the central tourist area.


Spain, snowbird destinations in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The region of Andalucia in Spain has the warmest winters. This is a couple’s best choice for a warm honeymoon destination in Europe if they decide to get married in the winter, between November and February.

If you’re serious about having an even more laid-back getaway, Spain also allows you to visit the Canary Islands. Following the sun to Spain, you can choose from several towns and cities.

Spain offers a fascinating past and a variety of beautiful towns, cities, and landscapes to explore. Snowbirds can immerse themselves in each region’s artful culture, gastronomy, and music and enrol in Spanish classes, even though English is widely spoken throughout the nation, notably in the southern tourism industry near the coast.


Malta, snowbird destinations in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Malta experiences a comfortable winter with plenty of sunshine. Even in the depths of winter, temperatures in other regions of Europe average a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius. There are benefits to travelling to Malta in the winter or autumn besides the abundance of sunshine.

Malta is a well-liked travel destination because of its beautiful surroundings, historic cities, pristine beaches, and security. It will be hard to find an excuse to skip all winter.

Snowbirds can only have a good time during the winter if the weather is nice. Travelling snowbirds will have a memorable and exciting experience. Explore many fantastic activities, attractions, stores, and eateries.

Travellers won’t have any trouble travelling around and might find accommodations perfect for their requirements.


Cyprus, snowbird destinations in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Winter travel to Cyprus means fewer tourists, milder temperatures, and significantly better Cyprus hotel discounts.

The island is packed with fantastic adventures and is quite culturally and historically rich. Cyprus offers year-round opportunities for a variety of novel new experiences. Snowbirds can take full advantage of fascinating local activities, customs, events, and destinations. Every budget can find something on the island of Cyprus.

A warm Mediterranean winter can be experienced in Cyprus.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, snowbird destinations in Europe - Low Cost Vibes Blog

One of the warmest areas in the nation during the winter is Spain’s well-known Costa del Sol, which has a fairly established tourism infrastructure, a large choice of hotel options, and eateries.

It is surrounded by mountains, which protect it from chilly winds from the north, and has lovely sandy beaches. Although it doesn’t get too cold, the weather is excellent for spring.

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