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by Dec 19, 2022

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One of the most important benefits of travel in your 20s is that it will help you better grasp who you are. The optimum moment to identify your assets and liabilities, as well as your likes and dislikes, is now. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue your interest and learn new things.


Here are few things that you do in your 20s

Take a canal cruise in Amsterdam

Canal cruise in Amsterdam - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Amsterdam is renowned for having lots of canals. The city’s heart is primarily made up of a system of canals where you can see the famous canal houses of Amsterdam.

A traditional canal boat is an excellent option at all times! These spacious boats with glass windows and ceilings allow young people to see some of Amsterdam’s most notable architectural features.

Boat cruises for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The annual Amsterdam Light Festival showcases illuminated works of art in the already captivating Amsterdam setting. The Amsterdam Light Festival’s 2022–2023 edition will be open for viewing from December 1 until January 22, 2023.

Take a boat cruise to see the light installations in and around the Amsterdam canals and bridges if you’re fortunate enough to be in the area around this time.

Embark on a sailing expedition around Croatia’s coastline

Croatia coastline - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Several factors make Croatia one of the world’s top sailing locations, including the islands’ proximity, which minimises the need to travel vast distances, the typically gentler winds compared to other places, and the richness of ancient ruins on the coast and the islands.

Sailing throughout the day is fantastic. You can have daily swim breaks and be awake to take in the breathtaking sights of the Croatian coast. Gather your courage, jump off the ship into the ocean, or grab your suit and swim closer to shore with the fish.

To see the Northern Lights, travel to Iceland

Travel to Iceland to see Northern Lights - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Northern Lights in Iceland are a fantastic escape for young people who enjoy being outside and want to discover more about nature’s uniqueness. The Northern Lights take your attention away from more typical natural sights because it is impossible to see them everywhere in the world, unlike the previously mentioned natural wonders of greenery and oceans.

Dubrovnik will make you feel like you’re in Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik in Croatia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Take a fantastic safari to see the wonders around Dubrovnik while embarking on an off-road adventure with all your friends or cousins. On this thrilling and entertaining tour, you will pass by old fortifications, deserted minefields, and undulating, wildlife-rich countryside. Thanks to the breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the neighbouring shoreline.

It’s well renowned for its breathtaking scenery and, of course, for being a Game of Thrones filming location, but it’s also a terrific destination for youngsters. Excursions in Dubrovnik are all about seashore explorations, historical discoveries, and life-altering experiences, whether on foot, in the air, or on four wheels.

You can visit any of the many hot baths in Budapest

Hot baths in Budapest - Low Cost Vibes Blog

With good cause, Budapest currently has more than a dozen thermal bathhouses.

Then what exactly does taking a thermal bath serve?

However, bathing is a source of healing in large historic buildings and a great way to relax, reflect, or communicate. Social interactions and knowledge exchange have long been highly valued in Budapest bathhouses.

Due to dissolved minerals, the Romans discovered that the waters could be used for pleasure and medicine.

Paris picnic to Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower in Paris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Have you never been to the Eiffel Tower in your 20s?

You should feel bad for missing this opportunity to fly and fall in love in the city of love, though.

It is well-known since the tower can be seen in almost all images and movies set in Paris. It’s also one of the most recognisable structures in the entire world, and climbing it is an experience you won’t soon forget.

It is incredibly iconic and well worth the cost. You can buy individual tickets to the Eiffel Tower, but you’ll need to choose which regions you wish to visit first. The first, second, and top floors are the three primary levels.

Discover Bruges’ Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Bruges - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Bruges is a fantastic Christmas trip since it has three Christmas markets in the lovely old city centre. The picturesque city canals and bright, light-adorned gingerbread-style homes will charm you.

The most excellent Christmas market in all of Europe is in Bruges. With Christmas trees, fairy lights, and the aroma of hot chocolate and buttery waffles, the entire city is transformed into a scene from a fantasy.

Explore the market’s selection of foods. Belgian waffles immediately spring to mind since they are so wonderful!

Go island-hopping in Greece

Greece, best holiday destinations - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Nothing can match arriving at a busy port or viewing the coastline from a boat deck bathed in sunlight. If getting there is such an essential part of the voyage in Greece, then going from island to island must be simple, since if you didn’t have this type of fun in your 20s, when would you?

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