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Sweden’s best natural and animal places are renowned for their unspoiled landscapes, which include many wonders of nature that are conveniently close to the most well-liked tourist spots.

Sweden is home to a wide range of wild creatures due to its abundance of deep forests and untamed landscapes. Sweden will always be there if you’re a birdwatcher or want to witness animals in their natural environment. In the wilderness, you might encounter a moose, wolf, or even a lynx.

Explore Norrland, a region in the far North, where the midnight sun rules supreme in the summer, and the breathtaking northern lights catch people’s attention in the winter.

Escape the concrete jungle and explore the nearby forests and countryside, home to some of the capital’s most beautiful and well-known sights.

Sweden also has a lot of open spaces and forests, and one of the unique pleasures of living there is the right to public access. Anyone can traverse the countryside at their leisure, go swimming and boating in other people’s waters, and collect berries and mushrooms in the forest.


These are the sites you really must see if you love wildlife

1. Check out the fauna at Abisko National Park

Check out the fauna at Abisko National Park - Low Cost Vibes Blog

It has fauna in the park. In the park, you may quickly see moose, Lynx and wolverines reside in the park. The park is home to various small bird species, including the arctic warbler and martins, stoats, lemmings, and deer.

One of the finest locations worldwide to see the Northern Lights is Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland.

2. The world’s second-oldest natural reserve

Stora Karlso, world's second-oldest natural reserve - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Stora Karlso is one of the oldest nature reserves in the world. The region is well recognised for its outstanding birdlife, diverse flora, and several breathtaking sea views.

3. Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Only

It’s common to refer to Tyresta as the home of owls and woodpeckers. Despite being well concealed in the forest, this area also has many wood grouse. The black woodpecker, the largest woodpecker, is easier to spot. The robin, willow warbler, and chaffinch are undoubtedly the most prevalent, but there are also less common species, such as the lesser spotted woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, and spotted nutcracker.

4. Tiveden National Park

Tiveden National Park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Tiveden creates a biological barrier between the North and the South. Sweden’s northern and southern regions are represented in the local flora and wildlife. You may learn more about the creatures in the reserves and the National Park here.

Crystal-clear lakes and beautiful vistas surround the old pathways. Walk, ride a bike, or create your route as you pass the numerous lakes, attractions, and hideaways.

A stunning national park in Sweden is Tiveden.

5. Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet National Park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

More than 12,000 animal and plant species are found in Kosterhavet, Sweden’s only national marine park, are found above and below the ocean’s surface. Learn about the marine life that can only be found in Swedish seas, including the only coral reefs in Sweden.

6. Soderasen National Park

Soderasen National Park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The national park’s flora is rich and diversified. Mammals, birds, fish, and numerous bug species, for instance, all live here. There are common animals like fallow deer and badgers, but the park also has a diverse population of polecats, ermines, wild boars, and bats.

7. Fulufjallet National Park

Fulufjallet National park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The park is a fantastic location for bird watchers because many birds exist, including owls, eagles, falcons, etc. Additionally, there are numerous fish to be found in the waterways.

8. Stenshuvud National Park

Stenshuvud National Park in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The park is home to rare fauna from Sweden, including the agile frog, European tree frog, Eurasian golden oriole, and hazel dormouse. There are over 600 different varieties of vascular plants, including many varieties of orchids and the extremely rare barren strawberry. There is a well-liked swimming beach below the hill.

9. Norra Kill

Norra Kill in Sweden - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Although there aren’t many mammals in Norra Kvill, you can occasionally spot their traces. These include those martens, squirrels, badgers, hares, foxes, roe deer, elk, and, more recently, wild boars. Otherwise, the woodland is primarily populated by bird species. Redstart, song thrush, willow tit, crossbill, and crested tit are just a few of the typical little bird species in the woodland.

Following Sveaskog’s controlled burning of the nearby woodland in 2010, the uncommon three-toed woodpecker was sighted in Norra Kill. Other common woodpeckers include the black woodpecker and the great spotted woodpecker. Also, possible sightings include the capercaillie, hazelhen, pygmy owl, and Tengmalm’s owl.

10. Smalandet Moose Safari ( Smalandet Markaryd)

Smalandet Moose Safari - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Smaland provides a guarantee on real moose. The forests of Smaland are home to an estimated 30 000 moose, and if you don’t see one in the wild, you can view one in a moose park. You can also feed and pet them at some parks.

We cannot comprehend all that nature has bestowed upon us. There are a lot of other planets in the universe, but they are all nature-less and cannot support life. Our existence is therefore based on nature, and everywhere on the planet, nature differs.

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