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Sofia integrates nature.

The city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and offers culture, history, art, the underground music scene, and food. The parks are genuinely forests. Just a half-hour drive from the city centre, you may go skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.

Bulgaria‘s tourism industry relies heavily on Sofia for a good reason. It’s a place worth going to. But it’s less crowded than cities in Western Europe or other parts of the Balkans, like Croatia. There are only a few tourists in Sofia.

While Sofia is a lovely city, its gorgeous areas are dispersed and only sometimes easy to find. The details below will help you find the city’s most picturesque spots.

Hiking on Vitosha mountains

Hiking on Vitosha mountains - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Bulgaria has a long history of being one of Europe’s best-kept hiking secrets. A vast network of hiking routes makes it simple for walkers to take in the breathtakingly diverse landscapes of Bulgaria, which has some of the most magnificent mountain vistas in all of Europe, particularly in the Rila and Pirin ranges.

Vitosha is an obvious choice for one-day hiking expeditions for people living in Sofia and beyond due to the extensive network of pathways. All year long, it is a highly well-liked strolling location. From Sofia, Vitosha is very accessible via public transportation, taxi, or private vehicle.

Go on a local food tour

Go on a local food tour - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Though it has a distinctive twist on the meals, Bulgarian cuisine is similar to Greek and Turkish cuisine. With a range of mild spices, they are typically fresh and hearty. Depending on the location, shellfish and veal are other popular proteins besides the more widely utilised chicken and lamb.

One of the top restaurants for tourists in Sofia is Lyubimoto. With its traditional menu and convenient location, it will quickly establish itself as your go-to place for Bulgarian cuisine.

Explore the markets of Sofia for a day

Explore the markets of Sofia for a day - Low Cost Vibes Blo

Visit the central market hall in Sofia, which is among the city’s oldest market structures. It was established in 1911, has been renovated and is home to various businesses, including fast-food restaurants, hair salons, banks, and gift shops. It is situated amid Sofia’s Square of Religious Tolerance, across from the Banya Bashi Mosque.

The Lady’s Market has long been fascinating, selling various fresh produce, affordable clothing, and housewares. It used to be a run-down, noisy, and smelly location that residents disliked for projecting an improper image in the heart of Sofia while being adored by tourists for its authenticity.

The variety and cost of local goods are both minimal. There are various shopping areas with a respectable selection in resort towns, where you can mainly purchase beachwear. Large shopping centres in Bulgaria operate later, and stores are open until 6 o’clock.

Try paragliding in Sofia if you enjoy the air and adventure

Paragliding in Sofia - Low Coste Vibes Blog

Like many other adventure sports, paragliding broadens your range of potential experiences. The ability to feel what it’s like to soar in the air makes it unique in a special sense. Anyone can learn to respect nature because of the sport’s nature. Also, it develops the ability to accept accountability for your actions and judgments.

What is the finest in terms of paragliding?

Anybody can paraglide year-round, yes! Many travellers like the warm summer months due to the weather.

Visit the National History Museum in Sofia

Visit the National History Museum in Sofia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The National History Museum is one of the most extensive and comprehensive historical institutions on the Balkan Peninsula. The history of the current Bulgarian regions from 8,000 years ago to the present is represented by the more than 700,000 cultural monuments preserved inside. Only 10% of these priceless artefacts and historical monuments are shown inside museums.

The museum’s courtyard is home to a vast collection of stone monuments and columns from many historical periods, including the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine.

You may buy souvenirs, educational items, and specialised books at the museum. The museum has a library as well.

Splish, splash in Vazrajdane’s Aqua Park

Vazrajdane Aqua Park in Sofia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Sofia Aquapark opened its doors in 2020. The brand-new swimming complex offers five outdoor swimming pools, including three kid-friendly ones, one 140 cm deep pool, and one with a hydromassage system. The spacious green outside area with loungers and umbrellas gives enough outdoor space for safe social distancing.

Museum of Military History

Museum of Military in Sofia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

In Sofia, Bulgaria, there is a museum devoted to military history called the National Military History Museum. It has existed as a Ministry of Defence entity since 1 August 1914, under numerous titles and reporting to various organisations.

Go to the Balkans’ oldest zoo

Go to the Balkans' oldest zoo in Sofia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The largest and oldest zoo in the Balkans is Sofia Zoo. There are about 2000 animals there, representing 280 different species worldwide. The zoo exhibit is constantly being improved and expanded.

The Sofia Zoo is the operational hub for numerous teaching and conservation initiatives and is home to many mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians.

The Educational Center has a well-equipped conference room and a display of several small domestic animals within the zoo. The Center conducts workshops, promotions, surveys, scientific research, and educational and student training and induction courses

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