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by Nov 14, 2022

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Enjoy adventurous wintertime activities in Iceland, such as ice carving, snowmobiling, and searching for the northern lights. Discover the best natural sights, including waterfalls, glacial lakes, and beaches with black sand.

The best sights in Iceland are more private if you visit between October and April.

1. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Iceland

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

On December 24, Iceland’s official Christmas holiday begins at 6 p.m. Thus, December 23 becomes Christmas Eve, the final evening before Christmas when everyone buys their final gift. Most Icelanders gather with their families for a lavish home-cooked meal on Christmas Eve. People open their gifts after dinner. Some people go to a midnight Mass where they meet their neighbours and friends after opening their presents. Some people remain at home and may use their gifts.

2. Chase the Northern lights

Northern lights in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The lights get brighter as the nights grow longer! The Icelandic winter offers even more chances to view the stunning aurora borealis because the darkness is essential for northern lights searching.

If it isn’t already, Iceland should be on your trip wish list because it is one of the most magnificent places to witness the northern lights. Although it is possible to see them all year round, winter is the best time to do so.

3. Tour the golden circle

Tour the golden circle in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Imagine travelling across a beautiful landscape while seeing gushing geysers, rumbling multi-tiered waterfalls, and imposing rock sides. Everything at your leisure. If that sounds amazing, you’re ready for a driving tour of Iceland’s Golden Circle, a legendary trip.

The fact that many of Iceland’s top attractions are close to the road adds to the country’s appeal. From the capital, the road is very conveniently accessible.

Anyone visiting Iceland is strongly encouraged to travel to the Golden Circle.

4. Ski and snow tours

Snow and ski tours in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

It is the ideal location for various Ski and Snow Tours because of its consistent snowfall and stunning glaciers. Everyone may enjoy a ski or snow excursion in Iceland, which offers skiing, glacier climbing, ice caving, and snowmobiling.

5. Arrive in Akureyri

Akureyri in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The town of Akureyri is found in northern Iceland. December brings the most snowfall to the town, totalling 19.65 inches.

Roughly 18,000 people are living in Akureyri. It may not seem like much, yet it is full of charming hearts, cafes, and cultural activities that make a trip here worthwhile. This town is also renowned for its welcoming residents and breathtaking surroundings.

Many Icelanders travel to Akureyri throughout the winter to take advantage of the excellent ski trails.

6. Visit the icy waterfalls

Icy waterfalls in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The nature of Iceland is particularly distinctive with its enormous geography, volcanic activity, geothermal places, glacial lagoons and scenery, black sand beaches, and magnificent mountain ridges. Iceland is remarkable in many ways. Iceland is particularly distinctive, with its seemingly infinite waterfalls being its most well-known attractions. They are everywhere, and you can always locate a waterfall, making it simple to pursue them.

7. Explore ice caves with a guide

Ice caves in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Skaftfell Ice Cave Tour and Glacier Hike is the best ice cave tour in Iceland, close to Skaftafell. Anyone searching for fantastic stops along Route 1 of Iceland’s Ring Road, located in the Vatnajokull National Park, should take this tour. On this excursion, traverse Vatnajokull, the biggest glacier in Europe.

Natural glacier ice caves are extremely dangerous, and thus it would be best if you never attempted to enter one without a guide. The appearance of the natural ice caves might vary daily because they are continually changing, and ice caves in Iceland might be black, blue, or even white. Glacier cave accessibility is incredibly reliant on the weather.

8. Go to the Blue lagoon

Blue lagoon in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

While the Blue Lagoon might not always offer that, it’s a beautiful place to start. In Iceland, pools and hot tubs frequently function as a centre of social activity. The chance to see Iceland’s natural beauty, including its waters, scenery, and way of life, makes the journey worthwhile.

9. Food walk in Reykjavik

Food tour in Reykjavik, Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

On this exciting food walk, discover Reykjavik’s plethora of dining options and broaden your understanding of Icelandic cuisine. Since food tastings are included, there is no need to bother about stopping to pay at each location. Discover various restaurants and food trucks while travelling by famous sights like Parliament House and Hallgrimskirkja. Icelandic hot dogs, cheeses, homemade ice cream, and many other foods may be sampled.

The Reykjavik Food Tour‘s approximate walking distance is 2 kilometres or 1,2 miles, though it may differ between tours. Travellers have to go a little distance to the next restaurant, where they can sit down and enjoy delicious traditional cuisine, making the tour incredibly simple and easy.

10. On a road trip, travel Route 1

Road trip in travel route 1 in Iceland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

You will indeed get to view Iceland’s charming and natural beauties as you travel along Route 1. Driving along Iceland’s Ring Road, you’ll pass geothermal hot springs, glistening rainbows, majestic horses, breathtaking waterfalls, and rough mountains.

Iceland has all the awe-inspiring wonder you would anticipate from the land of ice and fire in the winter, including snow-covered landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and the white summits of volcanoes. It’s a great time to travel since Iceland is at its most enchanted, exciting, and hospitable.

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