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by Nov 19, 2022

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Human happiness is increased more by discovering a new dish than by discovering a new star. Therefore, discover and feel the bliss!

1. Pizza in Italy

Pizza in Italy - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Pizza is Italy’s most well-known creation and one of the world’s most popular foods. Although it is present in practically every nation, Italy continues to claim it as their own after developing it in Naples in the late 18th century.

Its distinctive flavour distinguishes it apart from other pizzas made in other parts of the world because of the blend of cheese, tomatoes, and spices on the crust. Italian pizza is suitable as a starter, a main course, and even a dessert! And comes in a variety of forms to accommodate various tastes.

2. Paella in Spain

Paella in Spain - Low Cost Vibes Blog

“The Spanish Taste of Paella”

Paella is the most popular dish in Spanish cuisine but also one of the most misunderstood. The two types of authentic paella from the region surrounding Valencia are seafood and paella Valenciana, which incorporates chicken and rabbit.

Most of any paella’s flavour is determined by the essential components and herbs, and the tastes can meld together because the ingredients are roasted in the same paella pan. In certain situations, herbs and water, or broth, are added after the ingredients have been sauteed and have released their flavours.

Rice is the primary ingredient, and when coupled with additional foods like meat or seafood, paella is distinguished. The dish is local and fresh because rice is grown on farms in Spain, and there is plenty of meat and fish in various areas.

3. Waffles in Belgium

Waffles in Belgium - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The waffle is one of the most popular meals in Belgium, and they are first-rate. Although there are many places where you may find “Belgian waffles,” just a few stand out.

Belgian waffles are created from brioche dough rather than the conventional pancake-like batter used to make regular waffles. The pearl sugar, which gives Belgian waffles their distinctive texture and a tiny bit of delightful crunch, is their secret ingredient. Belgian waffles are unique because they are so wonderfully light.

Instead of using a fork and knife, traditional Belgian waffles are typically consumed with the hands.

4. Haggis in Scotland

Haggis in Scotland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The haggis, the national food of Scotland, is a dish made with minced sheep or other animal liver, heart, and lungs combined with oatmeal, beef or mutton suet, and other seasonings like onion and cayenne pepper. The combination is boiled while being stuffed into a sheep’s stomach.

5. Goulash in Hungary

Goulash in Hungary - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Goulash is a popular dish that originated in Hungary and is now consumed throughout Europe, primarily in Central Europe. It is one of Hungary’s national dishes and represents the nation.

Goulash, a hearty stew popular, contains both meat and vegetables. Sometimes, instead of pasta, it contains potatoes or dumplings, and paprika is a staple component of authentic Hungarian goulash.

6. Pastel de Nata in Portugal

Pastel de Nata in Portugal - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Pastel de Nata has a long history in Portugal, much like many other traditional pastries, and its ancestry can be traced back to the “Pasteis de Belem,” which is still produced today.

The tarts are baked until the tops are browned at a scorchingly high temperature.

Some may claim that the variations are negligible. Still, people would be astonished at how many Portuguese are willing to travel a distance of several kilometres to have their favourite pastel de nata! It is recommended to test numerous varieties of pastel de nata until you locate the one that best suits your palate.

There are various ways to enjoy this delectable pastry, including warm, with coffee, plain, or dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

7. Pierogi in Poland

Pierogi in Poland - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Pierogi, Poland’s national food, is served in eateries, coffee shops, and well-known Milk Bars all around the nation. It is a little dough-based “dumpling” filled with various mouthwatering toppings.

Pierogi are a favourite childhood food and a symbol of the family home for many Poles. Everyone is aware that kids typically enjoy dishes made with flour. Poles love pierogi for more reasons than nostalgia; they are the ultimate comfort dish, filling and rich.

8. Fish and chips in England

Fish and chips in England - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Fish and chips that have been battered and mushy peas mashed up to make a thick paste are frequently served with it. The majority of British genuinely adore this dish. The British people typically consume this food, which they often get from a quick fish and chip store, while visiting the seashore for a day trip.

9. Herring in the Netherlands

Herring in the Netherlands - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Herring is typically consumed by the Dutch while holding on to its tail and in little chunks. Typically, pickles and chopped raw onion bits are served with this dish. The majority of people play haringhappen at a local stall.

10. Gyros in Greece

Gyros in Greece - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Gyros is a highly well-liked dish in Greece that you won’t likely be able to forget after visiting. Gyros, pronounced “yee-ros,” essentially means “turn.” A gyro is a thinly sliced meat tower that rotates and cooks on a vertical rotisserie.

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