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by Nov 20, 2022

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Austria has an excellent record throughout the year, but the winter months make it even more so. The nation becomes a massive winter paradise. Ski resorts and Christmas markets are in full swing, and the snowy mountain villages are even more lovely!

1. Graz

Winter in Graz, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

What could be better than exploring the city while wearing warm clothing and stopping at various shops? Graz does not have a population of millions, but the old town has a lot to offer. Along with the numerous stores, malls, eateries, and cafes, pre-Christmas decorations are another reason to go outside, even when it’s raining.

The city of Graz is lovely in the winter, but the snowfall can sometimes make it quite remarkable. A cap, mittens, and a lightweight jacket should be sufficient.

Have you recently been extended through Graz? Then make your way to Vienna for the season. Throughout a single weekend, you can visit several Christmas markets or take a walking tour of Vienna’s old centre to appreciate its charm. But that is not the whole story. You can also go to Linz in the winter if you still need more. With so many exciting winter activities, you won’t get bored, people who visited assure it!

2. Vienna

Winter in Vienna, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

You have nothing planned for this weekend, have you? Visit Vienna, the nation’s capital. Reaching the centre of the action in the city only takes 1.5 hours on the train. Visit one of the several museums, explore the first district during the holiday season, or treat yourself to one of the numerous cafes.

3. Linz

Winter in Linz, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The aroma of gingerbread and Linzer Torte rising from the Christmas markets, bakeries, and cafes, the lights blending old and new on the city skyline, and the allure of shopping in Linz all move you one step closer to Christmas Eve.

Stroll the old town during the winter.

The historic town of Linz sparkles in a particularly unique light during the holiday season with a sea of lights and trees. You feel like you have entered another world while strolling through the metropolis. In the winter, the Danube banks also have a unique charm.

4. Hallstatt

Winter in Hallstatt, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

During the winter, Hallstatt truly transforms into a magical location. Winter at Hallstatt is something you want to take advantage of because it’s both charming and gorgeous. Hallstatt’s dazzling white snow and breathtaking views will take you to a mystical place with gorgeous surroundings.

The tiny wooden homes in Hallstatt are decorated for Christmas with icicles and sparkling lights. The view is only made better by its location in the Salzkammergut region, east of Salzburg, a UNESCO-listed area surrounded by lakes and Alpine slopes for exhilarating winter sports.

5. Innsbruck

Winter in Innsbruck, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Innsbruck is surrounded by huge, snow-capped mountains and is situated in a valley. This city offers countless views. Take cable cars to the mountain tops, go to a ski jump, or climb the Town Tower. Passengers can get to the ski areas in the city via the Nordkette Cable Car.

Winter sports lovers and those who prefer more sedate activities will find enough to do in the western city of Innsbruck in December.

6. Lech Zurs

Winter in Lech Zurs, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Explore the beautiful landscape near Lech Zurs while trekking on roads carefully crafted for the purpose. These paths go over rocky mountain slopes, through snowy forests, or alongside the partially frozen Lech River.

There are appealing spots to unwind everywhere, such as cosy sun terraces and rustic guesthouses. Take a break and let your eyes roam while enjoying coffee and cake, a filling snack, or a nutrient choice.

7. Salzburg

Winter in Salzburg, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Salzburg shines during the winter months because it is a city that resembles a fantasy village, enjoys the glitz and beauty of a winter symphony, has incredibly cosy cafes, and, of course, has some of the best Christmas markets in the entire world.

Go to Cafe Tomaselli and indulge in hot chocolate. It’s even nicer when you can enjoy a cup on a freezing winter day in Salzburg while tucked away in the corner of Mozart’s favourite cafe. In Austria, hot chocolate is a delicious pleasure.

8. St Anton

Winter in St Anton, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

St. Anton Arlberg is home to the Cradle of Skiing. The small town is an outstanding destination for family-friendly activity. Despite only having 2680 residents, the town’s authentic vibe and pleasant atmosphere remain. You may relax and unwind, knowing that the mountain air is clear. Enjoy genuine Tirolean hospitality with friends while embracing the year’s most beautiful days.

9. Zell am see

Winter in Zell am see, Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Zell am See-Kaprun is one of the Alps’ most stunning and varied winter sports destinations. The area offers everything from skiing and snowboarding to freeriding, night skiing, kid-friendly slopes, and winter therapy for everyone.

It is, without a doubt, one of Austria’s most picturesque Alpine highways. Whether you travel there on foot, by car, or by motorcycle, the High Alpine Pass is a breathtaking experience.

10. Try some Austrian winter delicacies as well, don’t forget. Yes! “Apple Strudel”

Apple strudel, popular food in Austria - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Apple strudel, a buttery pastry stuffed with a gooey apple and cinnamon filling, is a winter delicacy in Austria. Due to the swirls of pastry that surround its delicious filling, it translates as “whirlpool.” It makes the ideal winter warmer when combined with a hearty dollop of fresh cream.

Have an amazing winter ahead!

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