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by Mar 3, 2023

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Hungary has several tourist-friendly features, including diverse natural landscapes, locally distinctive cultures, and reasonably priced adventures and tours!

Are you wondering about the language barrier in a new country? Worry no more! The presence of many English and Russian-speaking tour guides makes it possible for you to communicate quickly and learn exciting details about this beautiful state’s history, heritage, culture, and characteristics.

It’s no secret that Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of Europe’s most visited charming capitals. Hungary is home to many breathtaking locations outside of Budapest, including quiet spa towns, untamed highlands, endearing Danube river outposts, ancient cities, and much more!

Unsure of things to do or see in Hungary? We have put up a selection of five places in this country that will amaze you!

Read more to explore this magnificent city full of wonders!

1. Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton - Top Tourist Attractions in Budapest, Hungary

Did you know Lake Balaton is known as the “Pearl of Hungary“?

It is simple to understand why Lake Balaton is referred to as the “Pearl of Hungary” once you arrive at its shores. A lovely location with a vast stretch of water, where graceful boats glide like white clouds, is barely 100 kilometres from the capital. Swan flocks in large numbers, historic fortress ruins, mountainous scenery, sandy beaches, lush vineyards, and gardens by the water may all be seen here, making it the best place for your holiday getaway!

The shallow depth of Lake Balaton, which is no more than 3 meters, and its apparent fresh water, which warms up to 25–27 °C in the summer, make it unique. This makes it the perfect location for family recreation, and this place is kids friendly!

Did you know that People seeking to enhance their health from all over the world visit this area’s numerous hot and mineral springs? Yes, people from all over the world visit this place to enhance their health status!

Sports and adventure lovers will love it here!

There are several aquatic sports facilities, table tennis, soccer fields, beach volleyball, basketball courts, horse stables, and even a sledging run for individuals who enjoy sports.

Your trip to this lake will be educational, intriguing, and varied, thanks to the significant Hungarian attractions in each little lakeside town!

2. Ancient Spa Cities

Ancient Spa Cities - Top Tourist Attractions in Budapest, Hungary

Looking for relaxation on your trip?

Hungary is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a trip that mixes relaxation with a diverse cultural experience. Numerous storied spa cities and facilities spread out over the nation provide anything from short soaks in healing waters to extended stays in charming spa resorts!

Over 1,000 springs collectively supply ecological and medical spas with therapeutic and thermal water, attracting many customers who seek relaxation! Lake Hevz, with an average water temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, is one of the most well-known!

Excellent spa packages are offered for visitors visiting Budapest at the exquisite Szechenyi Thermal Bath, constructed in 1913, and various other spots throughout the city. Spending the day at Szechenyi in its lovely gardens is simple and will be a lovely experience!

3. Mount Gellert’s citadel

Mount Gellert’s citadel - Top Tourist Attractions in Budapest, Hungary

This Citadel will be a spot for an exciting experience!

The Citadel on Mount Gellert, the nation’s capital, is one of Hungary’s most fascinating and significant tourist destinations! The fortress was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and is currently protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The fortress served as a hospital, storage, and barracks for soldiers during World War II. Numerous maintenance holes and hidden passages are built into the Citadel’s structure that you can use to access various parts of the city. Wax sculptures and an exhibition of historical documents and images are now on display in the three-story bunker.

It’s interesting outside the Citadel as well. Draws focus on the 40-meter-tall Freedom Monument, which features a lady holding a palm branch. You may observe World War II-era military relics in the courtyard. There is a memorial to Saint Istvan near the cave’s entrance, where the Catholic church is situated. The mountains are charming, made of rocks covered in a forest and rise 235 meters. The city and the broad Danube River are beautifully visible from the hilltop.

4. Szeged

Szeged - Top Tourist Attractions in Budapest, Hungary

The third-largest city in Hungary is located on the Tisza River, which forms the triangular boundary with northern Serbia and Romania. Szeged is comparable to Subotica and Timisoara in Romania, which are only two hours away by car.

In Szeged, where breathtakingly stunning Historic structures stand proudly on nearly every street corner, Art Nouveau is the rule of the day. Reok Palace, Grof Palace, the Szeged Water Tower, and the Ungar-Mayer Palace must all be on your list if you enjoy architecture! Each is a genuine work of art, distinguished by flowy lines and pouring with lovely flower designs! Art lovers will enjoy this place the most!

Did you know that this spot is famous for its flavorful paprika? Yes! Another factor that ranks Szeged among some of the top tourist destinations in Hungary is its connection to the renowned cuisine ingredient paprika. Paprika from Szeged, which is full of flavour, is well-regarded nationwide. According to history, paprika originated in Hungary in the 1600s when Szechy Maria, the local Count’s wife, began cultivating the spice in the gardens of the Franciscan monastery in Szeged.

5. Tihany

Tihany - Top Tourist Attractions in Budapest, Hungary

One of the popular tourist sites on Lake Balaton is Tihany. This little peninsula, formerly an island, is only eight square kilometres yet is home to some of Hungary’s most breathtaking beauty. The southwest region has been designated a nature reserve; it is off-limits to vehicles and great to wander on foot along the network of clearly defined footpaths.

The stunning Tihanyi Bences Apatsag Benedictine Abbey from the 17th century, with its breathtaking views of the lake and the neighbourhood, is a must-see attraction in the town itself. It’s a delight in the early spring when the almond trees in the area blossom and in June when the air is fragrant with lavender! A lovely sight to see!

Hungary is much more than its flashy city, Budapest; it also has statuesque castles, breathtaking lakes, remarkable caves, dense forests, and exquisite churches. Hungary is one of the most well-liked nations in Eastern Europe, and its numerous tourist attractions quickly make it a popular and exciting holiday spot! The fives mentioned above are among Hungary’s most famous and most visited! Visit Hungary and experience the true sense of exciting things!

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