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by Dec 12, 2022

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Is Marmaris a secure destination for tourists?

Absolutely, yes!

The city is one of the area’s most popular tourist spots for residents and tourists from other countries. Millions of visitors arrive in Marmaris each year hoping to unwind over the holidays, bathe in the Aegean Sea’s pristine waters, and learn more about the perfect Turkish tradition and history.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the calmness and tranquilly of this well-liked summer vacation spot and make some enduring memories, including single travellers, couples, groups of young people, and families.

While visiting Marmaris, there are many attractions and activities to choose from.

Beautiful beaches

Beautiful beaches in Marmaris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Marmaris is the ideal destination for sunbathers who want to mix some sightseeing into their beach vacations. Marmaris’ beaches are well-known, and you can wander along the beach or lie out in the sun.

The Turkish city of Marmaris boasts one of the world’s largest natural harbours and one of Turkey’s largest marinas. The city of white buildings is encircled by hills covered with pine trees and numerous gorgeous coves.

There are numerous eateries, pubs, and cafes. You might unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. You can pass your days eating only the foods from the area, napping, or reading by the water.


Nightlife in Marmaris - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Marmaris comes alive after dark. It begins on the coastal boulevard, where you can see the fishing boats moored. There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to pick from, so you may enjoy the nightlife till sunrise.

Discover the Marmaris Old Town and Castle

Discover the Marmaris Old Town and Castle - Low Cost Vibes Blog

It is worthwhile to visit the old town and appreciate the architecture. Major tourist destinations include Marmaris Castle and the nearby old town’s cobblestone streets. The walls and cobblestone streets of the old town provide wide-ranging views of the port. Ottoman troops under Suleyman the Magnificent are staged at Marmaris Castle.

Rhodes for the day

Rhodes for the day - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes, is in Greece and is accessible daily (April to October) via a catamaran boat.

The most well-liked tourist destinations in Marmaris are in Rhodes Town. The primary attraction is the walled old town, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The dramatic Palace of the Grand Masters is reached via cobblestone streets and stone ramparts that are golden in colour.

Check out Sedir Island

Sedir Island - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The ruins of Kedrai, a Carian city that eventually became a part of the Rhodian Peraia and was ruled by Rhodes, are located on Sedir Island. The Sanctuary of Apollo temple’s ruins makes up most of the island’s ruins. There is enough to discover away from the shore if you enjoy walking and learning about history, including a theatre with views of the ocean, two churches from the later Byzantine era, and some remains of city walls.

Wander the Datca Peninsula

Wander the Datca Peninsula - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The Turkish peninsulas of Datca and Bozburun are immediately east of Marmaris. The Knidos ruins are located at the extremity of the Datca Peninsula, a 99-kilometre drive away. Visit the tiny fishing village of Eski Datca to see its classic whitewashed cottages.

The site’s Hellenistic theatre, which faces the shore and looks out over the water, is its greatest attraction. On the Bozburun Peninsula are snooty towns and breathtaking seaside vistas just to the south.

Take a stroll through the Kaunos Ruins

Kaunos Ruins - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The city of ancient Kaunos goes back to the 9th century BC, although its heyday was around 400 BC when it was a significant seaport. It is located on the opposite bank of the Dalyan River from Dalyan town (88 kilometres east if travelling from Marmaris).

Explore the Marmaris National Park

Marmaris National Park - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Marmaris National Park is home to most of the rocky, forested coastline that encircles the clear waters of Marmaris Bay and extends east from the busy town of Marmaris.

It is possible to arrange horseback rides, Jeep tours, and ATV tours. The most common animal you will see is a wild goat, although eagles and falcons should also be on your radar. The 12,000-year-old Nimara Caves provide evidence of Bronze Age human habitation, and the strenuous approach from the village requires an uphill stroll.

Visit the Ruins of Amos to Venture Off the Path

Visit the Ruins of Amos - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Just four kilometres south of Turunc and 24 kilometres south of Marmaris are the theatre ruins of Amos, which look over the settlement and its beach.

The theatre is the only significant structure that remains from the ancient city of Ancient Amos, which was a part of the Rhodian Peraia group of villages (under Rhodes’ sovereignty).

One thousand three hundred people could fit in the theatre at first. Today, most of the orchestra below and a portion of the seating have been retained. The short climb alone is worth reaching the ruins flanked by pine trees and commanding stunning views of Marmaris Bay.

Marmaris, a destination for sun and sea, is worth a visit. You won’t realise how quickly time passes in Marmaris, Turkey, with all these things to do and so many more. Pledge to return as you depart the area.

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