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Hey there! I’m Raya Fawmie. I am a travel enthusiast who lives a thrilling life and encourages others to do the same. Writing about new topics, I learn that the world is my kind of therapy. I’ve fallen in love with people and cities I’ve never been to. Finding some of the most amazing off-the-beaten-path locations and activities is always terrific. To make planning your holiday easy, I create blogs, travel guides, and inspired itineraries about the most beautiful places on earth. My writing conveys how I feel about a place. For me, travelling requires guts; thus, I was pulled to an atmosphere that only emanates good vibes. You must change your direction if you want to begin your life and create vibes. One life! One world! Explore it as much as you can and spread only positive vibes!

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Uncover the Untouched Nature of Marmaris

Uncover the Untouched Nature of Marmaris

Is Marmaris a secure destination for tourists? Absolutely, yes! The city is one of the area's most popular tourist spots for residents and tourists from other countries. Millions of visitors arrive...