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by Mar 11, 2023

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We all tend to be fashionable and in trend, and that’s a drive for me. I always look into my fashion senses and the trend that goes with me. The trend must be presentable, yet my type; that is how I view fashion! So, when saying about fashion, it’s a must to mention this, being with the flow of fashion is hard, but sustaining it is harder.

That’s when brands come in; sustaining your sense of fashion needs variety! Variety! Variety! Because variety takes you to your kind of fashion, and that’s when you can discover the type of fashion and trends that work for you. So, when discussing variety and brands, I solely trust European brands with blind eyes cause they work magic. They are rare, premium and worthy! Let’s dive into the brands that I recommend for you, and you can review them via your type of fashion.


Zara, top fashion brand in Spain, Europe - Latest fashion trends - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Zara is fast fashion, and that’s why this tops my list and heart. Zara is one of, if not the most successful, fashion retail fashion brands in the world. Since its debut in Spain in 1975, it introduced the dramatic concept of ‘fast fashion‘, the reason for the reform in the fashion industry.

Contrary to many fashion brands, their designs are set for the season; Zara regularly reviews its market and refreshes its designs in a couple of weeks. Zara’s success is based on its expertise to refashion swiftly.

Owning over 3,000 stores in Spain and 300 international outlets, the Zara brand offers apparel for both men and women and kids (Zara Kids), as well as shoes and accessories. The sub-brand Zara TRF sells stylish, trendier and contemporary products to younger women and teenagers.


H&M, top fashion brand in Sweden, Europe - Latest fashion trends - low cost vibes blog

Hennes & Mauritz AB, commonly known as H&M or HM, is a Swedish global chain of clothing and accessories retailers. What fascinates fashion fans is the fact that H&M never turns down any happens of cross-brand collaborations. H&M’s business concept is to offer quality and fashion at the best price in a sustainable way.

This brand from Sweden has more than 4600 stores worldwide, which is valued at over 16 billion USD. H&M follows the rule of fashion; it consistently succeeds in riding each global and European fashion trend in clothes, from high-waisted pants to flared clothing, from casual wear to formal dress.


Burberry, top fashion brand in London, Europe - Latest fashion trends - low cost vibes blog

Thomas Burberry founded the brand Burberry in 1856. Burberry is another renowned brand that no one who is committed to good fashion should not skip. This brand, headquartered in London, focuses on ready-to-wear outfits, accessories, and more.

Burberry manifested the timeless trench coat design decades ago, the opulent design that continually captured the world’s attention. In 1967, the well-known ‘house check” pattern was created accidentally, but it swiftly became synonymous with the British. The same design can still be found today on items like scarves, coats, suit lining, purses, luggage and many of the brand’s products – making it an iconic embellishment!


Gucci, top luxury fashion brand in Italy, Europe - Latest fashion trends - low cost vibes blog

Gucci, an Italian fashion company founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, is one of the oldest brands in Italy and Europe – it has long emanated an air of affluence, elitism and luxury.

The central logo has made Gucci an elite brand, and so many celebrities have their hands on Gucci items these days. The all-time in-demand belts and luxurious bags are the catch of Gucci. To be frank, they are not affordable to everyone, but their exquisite and robust design makes the occasional spend on Gucci worthwhile.

One of the most recognisable and expensive luxury personal goods brands in the world is Gucci. Gucci has 501 outlets operating throughout the world. Gucci’s core product categories are leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear clothing, watches, and jewellery, but they also promote additional goods, including perfumes and home decorations.


ASOS, top luxury fashion brand in London, Europe - Latest fashion trends - low cost vibes blog

ASOS engages in online retailing. It operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary,, an international online fashion and beauty retailer. The company’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. It sells branded and own-label goods, such as clothing for men and women, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and cosmetics.

The diversity of their selection is simply beyond question when you visit the ASOS homepage, which leads you over a wide range of categories. ASOS is the UK’s most valued online fashion store, with a market capitalisation of under 6.5 billion dollars. ASOS is among the top fashion apparel brands in Europe to report the highest annual revenue – remember, an online store doesn’t get hitched just because it is online!


Prada, top luxury fashion brand in Italy, Europe - Latest fashion trends - low cost vibes blog

The pride brand of Italy, The House of Prada, was first established in 1913 by Mario Prada and specialises in the manufacture of leather handbags, travel accessories, ready-to-wear collections, shoes, as well as other fashion items.

Prada adds a distinctive collection to your closet by stocking its chain stores with chic styles that combine modern design and simplicity in the most durable options (leather and functional synthetics). This Italian design house’s preference for neutral colours has earned them a solid reputation among European fashion enthusiasts.

You planned to get just a blazer, right? But why so many bags? That’s what happens when you visit these blown-away brands in Europe.

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