Why should you travel to this relatively unknown destination to most tourists?

by Jun 16, 2022

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Estonia is a country that many tourists never consider visiting, and some visitors have no idea where the country is situated. Estonia, nestled between Scandinavia, and Russia, is a lovely country with fantastic food and distinct culture.

Most travellers consider Italy, Rome, Venice, and France as must-see destinations when backpacking around Europe. Still, few think of Estonia, which is a pity because Estonia is a true European gem.

Estonia is a relatively safe place to visit. Its crime rates are generally low, and while there are some areas to avoid, pickpockets, muggings, and other forms of violence are uncommon.

World’s most organic country

When a country competes for the world’s most organic country, you don’t have to worry about abandoning your good eating habits while travelling; instead, you must first choose which Estonian superfoods to ingest! Organic food can be found across Estonia, including in the forest. Forests are abundant in gastronomic delicacies such as blueberries, cloudberries, and mushrooms, while rivers, lakes, and the sea are abundant in delectable seafood such as salmon and sea trout! In Estonia, you genuinely have a farm-to-table experience!

Organic food in Estonia

Experience the most prominent folk music festival in Europe

Estonia has the most prominent folk music festival in Europe when it comes to fiestas and events. The Viljandi Folk Music Festival, also known as Viljandi Pärimusmuusika, is one of Europe’s major folk music festivals. Vilijandi’s castle park is open to the public, including children. The festival celebrates culture, music, food, and drink in Viljandi, a town in southern Estonia. At the festival, folklore performers from all around the world perform.

Viljandi folk music festival

Magical Christmas Market

According to research, Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city, is home to the Number one Christmas market in Europe.

Estonia’s Christmas spirit has been recognised across Europe and beyond the world.

The number of cultural programs on weekends and throughout the Advent season contributes significantly to the uniqueness of the Tallinn Christmas Market. Every Sunday, an advent candle is lit, and local officials and church officials meet to welcome guests from Tallinn, Estonia, and throughout the world. On other weekends, audiences can enjoy live cultural events by Estonian and international ensembles.

Christmas market in Tallinn, Estonia

Explore the underwater prison

Depth is less of an issue than the temperature in Estonia’s Rummu Prison, located in the centre of a submerged quarry. Rummu Lake is a small lake with a six-foot average depth. It implies we can stay down for extended periods without worrying about decompression sickness. Diving during the frigid winter months poses the most significant risk. Come dive at Rummu and bring your non-diving pals. There’s a lot to see on land, and because of the exceptional visibility, you may go snorkelling over the underwater buildings. The presence of Rummu is not the sole reason to dive around Tallinn; there are plenty of others.

Rummu prison, Estonia

The Tuhala Witch’s well

The Witch’s Well is located in the tiny settlement of Tuhala. After heavy rains, this natural geyser has been known to flood the entire region. The well doesn’t overflow each time it rains, but just occasionally.

Explore the artificial caves, Piusa caves.

The Piusa Caves Visitor Centre has a museum, a lecture space for 50 people, a cafe, and a children’s handicrafts room. They offer school tours, instructional trips, workshops, and lectures.

A massive group of hibernating bats are found just below the ground in the Piusa sand caves. This protected bat house has grown to become the largest bat colony in the Baltic States and has made its home in the man-built corridors since the 1950s.

The Tuhala witch’s well

Best value for your money in Europe

Estonia is often described as a small country with a huge heart. There’s very little doubt about that when you look at the variety of regional cuisines available in Estonia at reasonable rates.

In Europe, the best value for money is found in Estonia. In Estonia, you may eat in a White Guide Nordic class restaurant for the same price as at an average cafe in Scandinavia. If it doesn’t entice you to visit Estonia, I’m unsure what will.

Estonian cuisine

Visit Supilinn, The soup town

Supilinn, also known as ‘Soup Town,’ is a distinct Tartu neighbourhood in Estonia. The town is well-known for being home to one of Europe’s few significant 19th-century slums. This district, made entirely of old wooden buildings, features streets named after soup components, such as Pea Street and Potato Street. One of Tartu’s oldest neighbourhoods was previously impoverished student housing for the university, and many of the traditional houses still stand. Soup Town is being swiftly refurbished, but it still provides an exciting glimpse of Tartu before WWII, making it well worth your time.

Supilinn (The soup town)

Estonia has a wide variety of attractions. The next day you may be hiking through the forest, eating wild berries. The next day you could be visiting a castle or relaxing on the beach;

Whatever you are interested in, travel style, or budget, Estonia has something for you to adore and appreciate. So, get your tickets now!

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