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by Feb 16, 2023

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Some individuals go on holidays to have fun, while others do it to discover. It’s time to add Morocco to your bucket list if you are, without a doubt, the person who fits into the second category!

In addition to offering some of the world’s top tourist destinations, Morocco immerses you in a tradition and way of life that are now uncommon to find elsewhere. Remember to stop by these attractive tourist hotspots in Morocco if you have any upcoming travel plans.

These unique six locations have undoubtedly answered your search for where to go in Morocco!

1. Kick your cravings in Fez Medina

Fez Medina, best places to visit in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Are you a food lover wondering if morocco has good food to impress you? The answer is yes!

You must travel to Fez Medina to sample Moroccan cuisine, particularly Moroccan street food. Fez is a city of striking contrasts; it is both lovely and run-down. Morocco’s gastronomic capital is a fantastic city chock-full of tradition, splendour, and culture! You will love it there!

Moroccan cuisine is truly a fusion of cultures; in addition to Amazigh (Berber) influences, French, Arabs, Moor, Ottoman Turks, and Arabs all left their culinary imprint.

The best way to experience Morocco’s food culture is on a street food trip. Here adventurous eaters may try dishes like snail soup or boiling sheep’s head, as well as more enticing sweets like chebakia (deep-fried flatbread wrapped in sesame) and wild honey.

Take advantage of a chance to take a street food tour in Fez Medina to taste the exotic food culture of Morocco, a city of diversified food!

2. Hike in Atlas Mountain

Atlas Mountain, best places to visit in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Traditional ways of living are still practised in the Berber settlements in the Atlas Mountains. Shepherds lead their wandering flocks across some of the most beautiful settings on earth as women care for the fields! Rivers pass through stunning red rock gorges and high mountains capped with snow to create an oasis of life. It’s a beautiful area of Morocco to travel to and has a varied landscape to explore!

Take a beautiful day stroll in a picturesque valley or prove your endurance on a multi-day hike across imposing mountains! Hikers will love it here! Visit the destroyed Kasbah, strange red sandstone cliffs and local markets and try your best to haggle a deal with the local vendors.

This Hike will be an unfading experience throughout your lifetime!

3. Relax on a Spa break

Spa experience in Morocco, best things to do in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Tired of travelling and exploring new things? Unlock a new spa experience in Morocco which will make you forget all your stress, calm you down and give you soft baby skin!

Visiting a hammam is one of many tourists’ must-do activities while in Morocco. In a hammam, which is a traditional bath with several spaces for visitors to soak and steam, staff members scrub you down, often using the country’s native rhassoul clay.

In the past, hammams were crucial to daily living because many homes lacked bathrooms. With their unique domed ceiling architecture, the old traditional hammams in the medinas of Fez and Marrakesh still offer a genuinely Moroccan spa experience even today.

In addition to the usual soaking, steaming, and washing, some have increased the scope of their services to include treatments, massages, and aesthetic operations. Although you can find hammams across Morocco, Marrakesh and Fez have the most well-known ones. It’s great that many upmarket resorts feature hammams as well!

4. Shopping at Marrakesh

Shopping at Marrakesh, best things to do in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The most voracious shopper will find satisfaction in Marrakesh! With skilled artisans knitting, hammering, and carving their items as they have for centuries, the souq’s maze-like corridors are home to everything from scented spices to velvet babouches, slippers and luxurious wool rugs. Additionally, local and foreign designers are increasingly collaborating with them to give traditional crafts a modern spin.

One delight of visiting Morocco is finding artisan stores hidden within the maze of lanes and alleys that make up the ancient city. Those who have the patience and desire to bargain can find a multitude of handicrafts at the souqs!

Visit Marrakesh and spend a whole day shopping for everything your heart desires!

5. Sun, Sea and Sand of Agadir

Best beach experiences in Agadir - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Most visitors to Agadir, Morocco’s primary beach resort, rarely leave their sunbeds. Sun, sea, and sand are the main attractions of a trip here! An incredible stretch of beach surrounds the city, some are open to the public, and some require an entrance charge. The larger coastal hotels each feature a separate guest-only sand area.

Agadir is a popular spring break destination for European families during the Easter break and during the European mid-winter school breaks when there are still plenty of clear days; the summer is the primary travel season.

Make sure to soak yourself in this warm sandy sea!

6. Dance to the beats at a music festival

Music festivals in Morocco - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Music lovers! Take advantage of this!

Due to the influences ranging from Arabian to sub-Saharan, Amazigh to Andalusian, Morocco’s rich musical culture is quickly rising to the top as a destination for music festivals displaying diverse beats!

The Gnaoua World Music Festival, one of the most well-known, attracts festival-goers to the laid-back seaside city of Essaouira for four days of open-air performances showcasing the mesmerizing rhythms of Gnaoua, a cultural and spiritual tradition introduced north by sub-Saharan enslaved people in the 16th and 17th centuries. Jazzablanca, which takes place in Casablanca, features established and emerging musicians from Morocco and other countries.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to soak yourself in Morocco’s musical beats and rhythms!

All types of travellers will find something to do in Morocco! While the glitzy riad hotels, shopping options, and hammam (traditional bathhouse) soak and scrub experiences in Marrakesh and Fez are some of the main tourist attractions for lovers of swanky city breaks. Food lovers will love the food tour in Fez Medina. For adventure seekers, the most incredible places to explore are the trails of the Atlas Mountains. Everyone will find entertainment in this diversified city! Visit Morocco and experience the true sense of a peaceful holiday getaway!

Safe travels!

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