Glide Through and Get a Glimpse of the Land of Four Seasons!

by Feb 21, 2023

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From the sky to the ground, a market would have everything one can ask for. Apparel, electronics, food, ornaments, ceramics, antiques, and the list goes on. Colourful markets allow you to access world-class varieties brimming with unique things just waiting to be discovered. Markets take you through a ‘local feel‘, places of people gathering together, purchasing fresh lovelies, muttering daily tittle-tattles and basically, FEELING it in and having FUN!

Now, this is how a holiday must be! Read that again, placing the word ‘journey’ instead of ‘market’. It makes sense, right? There we go! A journey or a holiday to a particular destination must have all the things to make you feel happy. There should be no negotiation about the list of things you want to try; completely like a market! You decide what you want, and get it and have fun!

Also, it must take you through the local feel and make sure you feel at home. I am spilling about one such destination today, and that is Turkey!

Whether your dream destination is lounging on a Mediterranean beach, trekking in rugged mountains, or discovering the intricate cultural layers formed over thousands of years of history, Turkey has all of it for every kind of traveller.

The realm boasts an abundance of ancient sites, diverse natural landscapes, bustling towns, tantalising cuisine, and exciting prospects for adventure. There are simply too many things to do in Turkey, and it’s hard to cover everything in one go, but here are my top picks to get you started.

Hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia

Hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

First thing in the morning, the skies over Cappadocia pack with hot-air balloons that carry visitors floating above the region’s canyons, fairy chimneys and other fascinating rock formations. Even if you don’t feel like flying, it’s worth waking up early to admire the dazzling aerial display from the ground.

Soak in thermal baths

Soak in thermal baths - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

A rare and magnificent sight that might leave you speechless is the Pamukkale Thermal Pools. The white calcareous landscape is formed by the thermal springs filled with limestones, resulting in a distinct phenomenon of calcium deposits that unfolds in various shapes of potholes, stalactites and cataracts. It is a genuinely captivating sight to gaze over the vast white countryside with turquoise springs formed in various layers with the blue sky above. Reading itself makes my heart long for it!

Dive into the world of ocean lives

Dive into the world of ocean lives - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Tagged as one of the largest underwater worlds in Europe, Aqua Vega Aquarium is home to the third-largest tunnel aquarium. As a perfect spot for families to spend time together, this aquarium houses some of the most exotic sea creatures worldwide. Aqua Vega displays a variety of exhibits, such as the Jungle Corner, Sea Shell Museum and Adrenaline World, which offers a close view of various fascinating marine life such as sharks, clownfish, napoleon fish, koi fish, and many more.

Hike the Lycian Way

Hike the Lycian Way - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Try hiking a part of the Lycian Way – a long-distance hiking route spanning 540 km (335 mi) from Fethiye to Antalya – for a more adventurous way to discover the Turquoise Coast. Best traversed in spring or fall, the occasionally challenging trail winds along striking coastal cliffs, through bucolic villages and beach towns, passing ancient ruins and up into the mountains.

Plunge in the Patara beach

Plunge in the Patara beach - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

The great city of Patara is currently renowned for its 12-kilometre (7.5-mile) long, white-sand beach, which is the longest in Turkey and frequently has strong summer surf. On the Lycian coast, the expansive Patara Beach is a haven of honey-yellow sand dunes. Bask in the sun and the inviting waters on the nation’s most beautiful beach, Patara.

Off-road adventures in the coastal city of Marmaris

Off-road adventures in the coastal city of Marmaris - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Turkey’s rugged terrain offers fantastic ground for all kinds of off-road adventures. The mountains around the seaside city of Marmaris offer the finest setting for adventurers looking to experience nature uniquely. For a thrilling adventure, get on a jeep safari or an ATV tour around the mountains for an unforgettable experience!

Visit the Kariye Museum

Visit the Kariye Museum - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

A charming chapel close to the city’s land walls is home to Turkey’s best collection of Byzantine mosaics and paintings. The Kariye Museum is located around five kilometres (3 miles) west of Istanbul‘s Aya Sofya – a widespread cultural landmark. The musuem specialised in portraying the Greek Orthodox version of Christianity.

The surfing destination – Alanya

The surfing destination – Alanya - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

Alanya, one of Turkey’s most famous surfing destinations, is pristine during the quiet season, from December to April. The environment in Alanya is so beautiful, with temperatures around 18° Celsius and water temperatures between 18–21° Celsius, allowing 20 days suitable for surfing each month. Keykubat and Damlataş are the most fabulous surfing beaches in Alanya, with waves ideal for beginners and experts. Waves in Alanya average between a height of two to twelve feet, and during the slow season, shorelines are deserted and calm.

Try Baklava

Try Baklava - Low Cost Vibes Blog, Good Vibes Only

A taste of regional cuisine is a must on any list of things to try in Turkey. Those with a sweet appetite, in particular, should look for a classic pastane (patisserie), Baklava. The sweet-toothed Turks’ favourite dessert, rich, buttery Baklava, which consists of thin layers of filo pastry filled with pistachios or walnuts, is best served with a strong, black Turkish coffee.

This list can literally go on and on! As I said, Turkey offers infinity to all types of visitors and makes them realise that it has always been worth a visit. Then what are you waiting for? Indulge in the land of four seasons!

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