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by Mar 8, 2023

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Do you want your insatiable wanderlust to be satiable? If you feel like not always visiting the Instagram-famous Amalfi coast or Santorini, then you are at the right corner of the internet. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with these major holiday destinations, there are times when we wish to visit a spot with a different feel, including a totally unique culture. It is tricky to find a fantastic city that gives a different feel to you when you visit, but this is the best city under-the-radar destination for 2023: Bodrum, Turkey.

The peninsula is tiny, but it packs a lot in — luxury hotels, fine dining and high culture, all set in striking surroundings! No matter what you’re looking for—history, leisure, culture, or cuisine—Bodrum offers it all. Located on the splendid Turkish coastline bordering the Aegean Sea, stunning beaches and turquoise waters line the city, making it the perfect place to enjoy sun therapy while soaking some fantastic sights.

Though Bodrum has all, my personal favourites would never change its way. Get to know my top picks and enjoy your dose of vitamin “sea”, blend in local history and indulge in the natural landscape of the environment as you visit Bodrum.

Village of Weaving

Village of Weaving, exciting things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

Witness old homes with stone hearths, metal farming tools, copper kettles and clay vessels while cows, roosters, and dogs wander around and seek shade under kilim-draped trees and untamed cacti. Despite being only a 15-mile drive from Bodrum, Etrim is a nomadic mountain village that makes you feel like you’ve entered a different world.

Etrim Village is well-known for its carpets and authentic atmosphere, remote and mostly untouched by contemporary culture, and is renowned across the nation for its excellent handcraft. My respect for the artists grew as I watched them using their deft, quick fingers to double-knot and weave hand-spun yarn into kilims and carpets, and it genuinely bought an emotion to me.

To create their distinctive brilliant hues, they continue to use the same time-tested practices, such as dying yarn using organic materials like peach leaves, walnuts, herbs, and onion skins. You can also watch them swirling long strands of silk – extracted from the worms’ cocoons gathered from the mulberry trees.

It can even take years or months to create these rugs by hand. Each rug also shares different symbols distinct to a family or a certain village, so when you get one of these to your hands, you’re also buying a piece of that weaver’s story and culture – one travel souvenir you’ll cherish for years to come!

Dream Stay Come True!

Five-star hotels & resorts offer in Bodrum, Turkey

A suite or villa at Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resorts offers the ideal fusion of five-star facilities, outstanding service, and proximity to the heart of Bodrum. The opulent building opens to spectacular views of the glistening Aegean Sea and is hidden beneath canopied allées. Natural beauty abounds; wild pomegranate, fig, and olive trees flourish throughout the property, while bright pink bougainvillaea vines cling to white house walls. The turquoise waters of Torba Bay, which circle the hotel, are also dotted with superyachts and sailboats.

Soaking in the Sunset

Soaking in the Sunset in Bodrum, Turkey

The few remains of Bodrum’s windmills are perched atop the hill that separates Bodrum Bay and Gümbet Bay. The panoramic views across the bays of Bodrum and Gümbet are more breathtakingly impressive than the windmills themselves, and the area is a trendy spot to watch the sunset. Though most visitors arrive by car, it is a short, two-kilometre walk up a medium slope from the Bodrum marina. The best time for walking up here is the early morning when fresh winds make it a pleasant walk rather than a slog.

Thrill With Diving

Bodrum, Turkey’s top diving locations

Bodrum is all about the sea. Bodrum is regarded as one of Turkey’s top diving locations. You can dive at more than 15 locations across the city and fall in love with the underwater panorama. Even first-timers will find this diving tour to be ideal! Enjoy diving in Bodrum’s crystal blue waters while discovering the coral reefs, swimming along, and watching the fish and other sea life in action.

Extra Tip of the Day!

Island-hopping in Bodrum, Turkey

Island-hopping: Bodrum is a significant entry or exit point to and from Turkey, with several ferries going to the Greek islands. This is a fantastic spot to begin if you want to holiday in both Turkey and Greece. Regular ferries run between Bodrum and Rhodes, a Greek island known for its main town’s ancient walls and cobblestone streets, as well as to Kos.

Enjoy the best out of your time in Bodrum; if sailing, yachting, or fishing are your things, Torba Bay is a lovely location to spend a day at sea. Additionally, there are several neighbouring islands and coves to explore, and the cold, calm, turquoise sea is perfect for swimming when you need to escape the Aegean sun. If you prefer a quicker pace, you can visit the city centre of Bodrum for delicious local food, exciting nightlife, and fantastic shopping – food, fashion and fun!

The city might be the ancient history and rich culture combined with the modern amenities and luxurious accommodations, but you truly feel like royalty when you visit. The ambience in Bodrum has a certain entrancing feel that makes it seem like the next big thing is ready to emerge!

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