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by Feb 10, 2023

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Imagine – around a rhythmic rise and fall of the waves, a hut tucked in smooth and polished sand, covered with caramel, warmed sugar and yeasty aroma – as if you set foot in a cake bakery – you are enjoying the bite of a best-frosted delicacy while the vibrant balloons swinging in the rush of air amid the loved ones chanting the birthday song! Sounds heartwarming, isn’t it?

This is what I imagine when planning a birthday party! Sadly, I haven’t had a proper grand party yet, but I have had the best of birthdays in my life, and that is from the… CAKES!!! Yes! I loveee cakes! It could be anyone’s birthday, and they might celebrate it in any way with many presents, but it should never be without a cake, cause the thing I look forward to is the cake they cut! That’s how much I love cakes!

This might sound fun as well, but trust me; this tastes divine! I have promised myself – on my birthdays, I will only taste cakes that I have never tried before – and I have stuck to it up until now! that also means I can try any cake from anywhere and fancy them whenever I want!

The fascinating combo of colours, the pungent aroma, tiny dramatic sprinkles and, above all, the heavenly texture and taste always make it unimaginable. And this is what I look forward to when I say I want cake. I am happy to share my favourites with you so you can decide what to order for special occasions.

Sicilian Cassata and Panettone – Italy

Sicilian Cassata and Panettone in Italy - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Cassata is a beauty and a traditional Italian cake. Cassata Siciliana is moulded with juice-soaked sponge cakes layered with luscious creamy ricotta and coated with decorative marzipan. Sicilian Cassata cake blends a variety of the most iconic tastes of the country into one delicious delicacy. No matter what size or shape, the soft, squidgy treat is unquestionably a joy that melts in the mouth with each bite.

Panettone. Panettone, which means “little cake” in Italian, refers to a big fruity enriched sweet bread traditionally served at Christmastime in Italian communities all over the world. It is a yeast-leavened cake that has its origins in Milan. Although it has a rich, buttery flavour and is not too sweet, it has a little light and airy texture. The best part about Panettone is it is chewy as a loaf of bread and as fruity and sweet as a fruit cake.

Millie-feuille and Fraisier – France

Millie-feuille and Fraisier, France - Low Cost Vibes Blog

Italian-speaking people refer to this traditional French dessert, mille-feuille (pronounced meel-foy), as millfoglie. Due to the several layers of puffy, buttery dough that make up the dessert, both names translate to “a thousand leaves.” The mille-feuille is a deliciously enticing combination of flavours and textures that is both heavy and light, flaky and creamy. It won’t be overly sugary, but it fulfils the sweet taste when enjoyed with hot chocolate!

Strawberry lovers! A treat is for us! The traditional Fraisier is my favourite French strawberry dessert out of all. This classic is made with two layers of Genoise Sponge, Diplomat Cream, Strawberry Syrup, and Fresh Strawberries, and it is the most delectable summer cake full of fresh berries!

Medovik and Skaza – Russia

Medovik and Skaza in Russia - Low Cost Vibes Blog

The first dessert that pops to mind when pondering Russian delicacies is the Russian honey cake, Medovik. Although sweetness is not specifically Russian, this sings to everyone’s heart. Medovik most definitely belongs to the class of treats that go beyond delicious! This cake is distinctive and tempting cause of the delicate honey flavour, the soft texture, and the notes of orange and cardamom! The delicate honey taste, the soft texture, and the notes of orange and cardamom make this cake exceptional and addictive!

Skazka, which means “fairy tale” in Russian, is one of the conventional kinds and is presented as a roulade cut into slices. This cake will definitely take you back to your childhood thanks to its plethora of enjoyable memories and delectable flavours. The biscuits, which are often shaped like logs, are generously soaked with orange juice, then lavishly adorned with icing flowers and candied fruits, making it an elite choice to go with a hot coffee!

Extras for the day!

Since I am a huge lover of chocolate and cheese, I can spill you my top three picks from them.

The array of chocolate confections is Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau (France), Sachertorte (Austria), and Kladdkaka (Sweden) are my top three picks I recommend to any lovers of chocolate! Brunost Cheesecake (Norway), Basque Cheesecake (Spain) and Topfentorte (Austria). No matter how much I eat, these are the kinds of cheesecakes I would never hate in my entire life.

I will not go deeper in detail cause thinking of these makes my heart long and my mouth water! Just try them once, and then you will know right away what I am talking about!

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